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>You end cornering him about the flowers in the courtyard after his training.
>He's removed his shirt, letting the dappled sun play over his already bronzed features.
>The idea that this Horus, warmaster of the Imperium, is slinking around in the shadows disturbs you.
>Conveniently, he misinterprets you when you ask "why" while holding the latest bouquet of long-stemmed mountain lillies in your hand.
>"I thought you'd like them," he says as he picks up a pitcher of water, drinking some and then pouring a half gallon over his head. "Didn't you always like flowers?"
>The water is distracting, but you push through.
>"I mean... yes?" you answer his question. It's true; you do like flowers. But he hasn't answered the real question.
>You try again with the diplomacy of a saint. "But why the flowers? What do they mean?"
>He has the nerve to turn away and tend to his practice equipment. Taking another sip of water he bluntly says "I thought you'd like them."
>You wrench the jug out of his hands and hurl it across the courtyard, faster than he can respond and sudden enough to force his attention.
>He stares at you, open-eyed at your unexpected move and wary of your sudden, seething anger. You can't stand obfuscations, half-truths, or people ignoring you.
>"Why?" you ask again, firmly, as you thrust the lillies towards him as an abject lesson.
>"I..." he begins before stopping. He looks down, almost bashful at what he's about to say. He looks up again at you and gently touches one of the lillies.
>You've never seen him like this.
>"Do you remember, years ago, when we went to the Eternity Gate?" he begins again.
>You remember it.
>It had been Fulgrim's idea that all the primarchs still at the Palace would go to the market district near the Eternity Gate for a day, to spend time with the citizens of Terra.

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