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It is said that the quest for beauty is surrounded by the thorns of temptations and evil. And the devil knows the biblical verses better and possesses a tongue more silver then any preacher or pope.

Beauty should be appreciated but to desire beauty and pursue in all out abandonment is the path of sin. A path of self destruction and ruin.

I hope indeed you live in hesitation good sir, caution and mistrust are ones truest security in our grim and gray shaded society filled with disorder and contempt. We as gentleman have a responsibility to uphold moderation, to uphold balance in society and balance in the worldly pleasures we indulge ourselves in, find balance in work and recreation and to the even handedness we must show to those less fortunate then ourselves, to approach problems with a leveled head and reason. This is the truest form of of a respectful life and truest nature to be a civilized gentleman and scholar.

But alas many of our aristocracy have fallen prey to their base instincts and flaws, exampling the cruelest of tragedies.

And I say this again good sir, delve not deeper into the hellhole you have dug yourself in, lest the maws of brimstone and desire consume your spirit and mind entirely, and plunge you deeper into carnal insanity.

A rapier duel I say? In my many travels I have found all sorts of bladed weapons that to the ancient cultures that developed them and as my of show of respect, I will weld and call rapiers.

Have at thee.

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I am terribly for the long delay, as I said I am no good at writing rhymes on the fly compared to more nimble folk such as yourself, but your post cannot go without a worthy reply.

With Every spring comes summer.
Sees the raising the of tripcode banner and the sage post spammer, whist mods readying their mighty banhammer.

Legion strong, epeen long, all doing it wrong with their brain dead hung with pink girl thong.

Newfags one and all, no lick of sense of rhyme or sense of style. About to be schooled to fall by the troll prince of guile. Your necron waifu is a mary sue. Proved true by her annoying special snowflake rule, her fans all fools deserving to die, gurggling the camwhorin to continue the lie. Her Plot armour so thick, she craves for Ward's dick. A tiny stick, but I'm one not to judge. It might snap her waist with one well placed nudge.

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Good sir care for a duel?

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agreed. Joan quest was the only good thing to come from the sergal fad.

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Good sir I will play Yu-gi-oh against you.

User name is Sergalfag.

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Alright good sir, I registered on AIM, let us duel then.

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