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I am miserable.

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IG army is best army.

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I miss the company coffee pot.

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>implying I don't play Guard because of how shitty compared to other factions they are canon-wise

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Does anyone have any good Imperial Guardsman stuff?

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I assume a lot of soup, Recaf, and tea.

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Make actual ongoing plotlines involving camp life. The senior quartermaster whose black-market shenanigans are cutting into the party's resupply. The butterbars lieutenant who might get soldiers killed before he learns the ropes. The card game that provides the first scene for every session, at the end of which the winner gets some random bit of equipment as his winnings (or someone's marker) for that mission. A bottle of amasec, a chrono, an illegal vial of Slaught, that kind of thing.

The important part is to combine your (hopefully) entertaining NPCs with plot elements that actually affect the PCs missions in some positive or negative way, which can also force them to deal with situations that can't be solved by pointing a meltagun at somebody. Well, without getting everyone blamm'd, anyway.

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It still does.
Though I no longer curbstomp my opponents anymore, I'd hate to be called a powergamer just because I liked IG flavor.

Still, sucks that the basic Russ got nerfed, I liked the looks of that one the most.

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I for one would like them to be nerfed a bit; I've chosen them for the flavor, not to drive other players away.
Learning that the fluff underdogs are actually one of the most powerful factions is kind of heartwarming though.

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But it's manly Linda Redshirt.

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"I hate this planet
I hate my whole platoon"

"Look on the bright side
At least the coffee's good"

"And it's the only thing
that's keeping me from killing you"


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I really like the Dark Heresy world builder, as I'm currently over thinking the prep for my Only War campaign and would like a random target planet to order my players around on.

However I don't have enough data left to download the whole book.

Can somebody please help with scans of the relevant pages?

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This image has more context now

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I've started to organise an Only War campaign. I told a couple of potential players the following. Is this reasonable?

I'd advise against Krieg, unless you want to play a pack of nihilists through the last act of All Quiet on the Western Front.
I'd prefer you to play the Guardsmen specialties, and not support specialists (Commissars, Psykers, Stormtroopers, Priests, Techpriests) but won't restrict you, apart from no abhumans. Ogryns are hulking retards scared of enclosed spaces, and Ratlings are space hobbits and so are pretty fucking stupid. I will provide a human sniper specialty for anyone that wants to be one.

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Thats cool and all and I'm happy for you, but Cadians fight chaos at its source. Not to downplay you any further, but you guys held out long enough for Gahzkull to get bored and leave.

There is not "gets bored and leaves" for Cadians its " Oh the one dude left? Heres a new dude to keep you occupied"

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Didn't find a That Guy stories thread, so I'm making one after a particularly long annoying session with an annoying That Guy.

>Doing a game that's a spin off of "The Most Dangerous Game" but instead the party of 8 is stranded on an auto-pilot cruiseliner that is going to five different islands.
>Each of the party members has been injected with a virus that slowly mutates them physically and mentally whenever they encounter certain triggers, and each has an individual random trigger. There are three antidotes on the ship and one on each of the islands.
>We all wake up in a room in bunk beds at varying stages of the infection, with one of us showing no symptoms to three of us at the end of the physical cycle and about to start the mental cycle.
>Game starts off well enough, party manages to split up into four groups, everything is going swell while the GM manages to keep up surprisingly.
>A fight breaks out between two of the groups, we'll say Bob and Sean vs Lacy and Eustace, Lacy being the That Guy of our game.
>During the engagement, Lacy nearly killed Sean with a chair before running off.

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Basically go at it from a general's perspective first:

-What/how many factions are involved? It's often two with the Guard being one of them, but sometimes there are alliances or even three-ways with say, local guerilla forces who just want to get everyone to fuck off.

What are everyone's objectives? Wars are generally not fought for the heck of it, each side has distinct objectives they're trying to achieve. For example, in an invasion scenario the Guard usually aims for a complete destruction/surrender of all enemy forces. The other side may aim to cause enough damage to the invaders that they can't sustain the campaign any longer.

-How can they achieve their objectives? For example, the invaders need to gain and maintain control over certain cities, lower the morale of the defenders through killing officers or intercepting supplies and of course destroy their forces in the field. The defenders have to maintain their strongpoints while bleeding out the attackers.

-Now, from this you can extrapolate a number of winning conditions for each side. Make it a simple checklist, like "Imperium wins when it controls cities x,y andz at the same time and the defenders are at 50% or lower morale" and "Defenders win when they control at least one city out of x,y or z and have lowered remaining imperial supplies below 30% and manpower below 60%"
Both sides' conditions are usually diametrically opposed to each other (e.g. both sides wanting to control the same cities), but they don't have to be. For example a bunch of heretics fighting a trench war against the Guard may be secretly working to excavate an old Chaos Titan that the Imperium doesn't know anything about.

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In the grim darkness of the future there are only GROOMING STANDARDS.

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Found it!

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Obviously there are, but is (slightly) problematic getting miniatures for all of them and for some reason GW liked their sausage fest.

But yes, obviously they would not discriminate based on gender because it's fuckretarded when they need every able body on some form of frontline. Some planets don't like women in the military, most don't care because they can hold a lasgun and point it somewhere in the vicinity of the enemy.

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Reverse image search is a cool thing.

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