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They’re edgy jokes, you absolute vagina.
Get over it or report it to the hot pocket squad if you think it oversteps keep /pol/ on /pol/, but don’t whine about it to bring even more attention an edgy joke would otherwise have got, you utter spastic

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>sample seems alright
>reviews are good
>narration turns out to be only good in that context, doesn’t change inflection at all and turns out to be shit half an hour in
And that’s how I learned to ignore audible reviews.
On that subject, is spellmonger any good? It seems a long enough series to keep me busy for a whole and has decent reviews, but as I mentioned, I’d rather trust a group of screaming chimps than audible reviews.

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That was one of the options, yes.
All three had similar Janny spite posts in that vein.

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