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ONly fencer I got.

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Piratey... maybe?

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it's less about min-maxing and more about dealing with the realities of the game. I'm going to be in party with 2 barbarians and a sorcerer, and last time we played we spent 4/5 of the time in a dungeon, mostly in combat.

I still want to play a charisma character, but I don't want to be lying in a pool of blood and spittle for 3 hours a week. It's not even the DM's fault, it's just D&D...by default, most of these games seem to be about combat. I'm gyping myself of enjoyment if I cant at least survive and contribute to combat.

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>this thread
I love you guys.

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Mechwarrior...and now I know Thank You! gotta admit that the outfit is porn inspired though

I did say >some professional...

interesting Vampire idea though
pic could be an interruption on set maybe?

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