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When I bring up the Underdark to my players, it's usually when something horrifying is about to come out of it. I've hinted heavily that the Underdark is just layer upon layer of ancient civilizations that fell one on top of the other, the deeper you go the more twisted and surreal it gets, with monsters similar to things you'd find in Berserk or Demon's Souls, situations you might find in Dante's Inferno, etc. The first layer is just the old civilization, the one where ancient texts and shit come from, it's where things like the Drow and Mindflayers live as expected. As you go down though, things become much weirder, some layers are completely empty and only project hallucinations, some involve incredibly huge monstrosities, some seem normal until you realize something is horribly wrong.

I've used the same Underdark in the several fantasy campaigns I've run, and players just never feel like exploring it, oh well. I always find it funny when they wonder why the Drow are always so grumpy though.

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You should go through with it, OP. If they are anything like my group, they will enjoy the hell out of it.

You can have a monologuing villain or a letter found on a dead man explain the "why" if necessary, those are always fun.

Remember: the players are separate from the characters. Many groups LOVE this sort of thing, where tragedy happens to the PCs. It makes for a memorable game.

Is Nyarly going to be involved?

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Potatoes are so great and easy to grow that basically all of Ireland was planted with potatoes. Then a fungal disease called blight infected the potatoes and spread across all Ireland. Potatoes are so good that Ireland had little else, so when the one thing that could ruin the crop ruined it they started dying of hunger.

Moral of the story: no matter how good a crop may be, monoculture is never healthy for society.

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Think of the last three books/movies/tv-shows/video-games you watched/played/etc. Combine them. This is now your campaign setting. I'll start.

> Biography of Louis Armstrong
> American Gods
> Thief (the game)

A book about a jazz musician. A country-spanning novel about immigration, the American dream, and folklore. And a game about stealing as many things as possible with as little physical confrontation as possible.

> The setting is post-Katrina New Orleans. The party is a group of ex-jazz musicians who have now turned to looting the residences left wrecked by the storm. Slowly, supernatural influences are introduced. They find titanic crocodiles much to large to be possible swimming the waterways. A drug-addled homeless man claims to be a witch doctor but is surprisingly adapt with that little voodoo doll of his. Rat kings. A group of grey-skinned children attack the players with teeth and claw for seemingly no reason. Turns out Katrina was caused the the awakening of an elder god beneath the city and now the players have to deal with that.

I would probably use Call of Cthulhu, but since they've never played it I could pretend at first that it was just a generic modern RPG.

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My group is pretty paranoid, they tend to just hide in cupboards.

Also, each type of creature only affects sanity once, regardless of how many there are.

Your island idea is good. I did one once where A thick fog appears across the island, inside which Shub Niggurath is being summoned. If they get inside the fog, parts of the god will lash out and kill them. Villager cultists on the island are conducting rituals to spread the fog through the whole area. You can add a light mechanic where they have to keep the fog away using burning torches etc, and have people transformed by Shub Niggurath wandering around.

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That is about twice as enlightening as it is disappointing. This is going to be a bit more costly and a lot less effective than I'd hoped, but at least I know what I'll have to put together to make it work. Thanks Anons.

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So, mass fantasy battle rules.
What annoys you most about movement?
What annoys you most about combat?
What annoys you most about magic?
What annoys you most about anything in general?
Any system, whatever you've played

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I think such things can serve as demonstrations of skill that can be just as intimidating/beautiful/awe inspiring as showing off an engineered monster.

What do you think?

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More. . .



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Uses natural Cha from bartending and I can become one quickly

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just a shoggoth plain and simple

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I'm thinking if they fought something like a shoggoth its either purge it with a fuck ton of fire, nuke it, use some future tech to disintegrate it atom by atom, or more than liekly run like hell

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I agree with you for canon fodder and regular enimies, but there are middle tier monsters that are essentially Cthulhi aliens or humans turned Cthulhi taht would probably 5-10. Something like a shoggoth would be pretty nasty to fight and would ultimately be more something you run from. As far as bosses, lower lvl ones would be like 10, but if a party got to high levels they might fight old ones.

But to honestly kill a shoggoth, you would need to purge it with a fuck ton of fire or possibly nuke it.

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On land it wouldn't. And in the water, they probably rely more on hearing and such things.

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Is this different to just eating cow/sheep/pig brains?

If we are talking sentient creatures it still goes against the reformed thing.

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>Go spelunking they said.
>You never know what you'll find they said.

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Eventually some idiot will unleash something worse to try to fight the elementals.

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