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Fanseer doesn't stalk her.
She just wants to kill her and take her place. *Pretty much*
And by Stalker I mean the ones that want to have sexy tiem with her.

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That's extra heretical!

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this is heresy, brother

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ITT: Heresy

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She's besty.



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Oh when the Black Crusade gets rollin
You couldn't get very much goin
In that old Eye of Terror back home

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just as planned

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Yeah sister fluff is pretty bad but tyranids got shaffted up the ass with their new fluff
Of all of the major entries only half of them were any kind of victory the rest were hurp durp we pulled off some bullshit at the last second to win. Marneus Calgar (full of shit) survives being literally ripped a new one by the swarmlord and the fluff says that he practically died. But three honor guard who normally should be swatted by a regular tyrant somehow hold of the LORD OF ALL TYRANIDS at bay. BULL SHIT

But in all fairness i do think that the current arc could use a little more dialogue than simply RUN JUMP ooo pick up that random creature/thing FIGHT. I personally enjoy Delessa's diplomacy and constant cockblocking of filigree than Eseme's fighting. Honestly i dont see much personality in her.

But in all regards to the butthurts i do see less people posting than during the delessa arc. I think mainly because there were a lot tougher and more long lasting decissions in that arc than now. Bty fun pic

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my heroes

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New Dark Heresy GM here, and I have a conundrum.

The characters are on a ship starting to be overrun by 'Nids. I intend to use this as the hook for recruiting them to the Inquisition and to showcase the kinds of resources the Inquisitor can pull out of his ass when he's so inclined. My original conception was to have the party heroically broadcast a signal after they drop out of the Warp alerting the Imperium to the presence of the xeno threat on the ship. The ship would then be greeted on landing by the Inquisitor and a battalion of PDF, who would disable the engines, evacuate the ship, execute the infected, and "clear" the ship (read: melta it into slag).

Herein lays the problem: on further reflection, this seems a tad pants-on-head retarded. The Imperium wouldn't let a ship full of 'stealers anywhere near atmosphere. They'd atomize it in space first, passengers be damned. That's assuming that the compromised bridge crew wouldn't blind-jump back into the Immaterium the moment they saw a heavy cruiser move to engage them. So how do I get this same dramatic effect out of a space interdiction without throwing the whole damn thing out the window, and/or obliterating the party in the intro? Or am I overthinking this, and the original plot works just fine?

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For our gaming club's game this weekend we're going to introduce a titan into our 40k game for the first time. The plan is to have 1,250 points of Tau (me), 1,250 points of Tyranids (Friend 1), and 1,000 points of Space Marines (Friend 2) take on a Warlord titan (Friend 2) and 1,000 points of Chaos Renegades (me). The titan is going to be using Apocalypse rules, of course, but everyone else is on regular 40k, just because we're not all familiar with Apocalypse yet. Anyway, since I'm going to be running the renegades, I have to make the list. Problem is, I'm only now reading the Siege of Vraks, and I have zero experience with the Imperial Guard codex, so I need a series of army lists to show me what's good and what's not. Normally I'd turn to Advanced Tau Tactica, Bolter and Chainsword, etc, for things like that, but I don't know where to turn for Chaos renegades. Anyone know where to look for that? Alternatively, post tips, tricks, and army lists here

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