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Similar happens on /tg/ as well if your timing is good.

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> I'm just saying that they get something out of it when I dress in skimpy clothes etc. A lot of them are totally ignored by the female gender.

See pic.

First off, no they're not. The neckbeards you see are people who have devoted a huge amount of time and money to a hobby. Your statement is basically a stereotype and proves you know fuckall about any kind of community. Most of these gentlemen have the money to go to a strip club, or internet access for all the porn they want. You dressing in a skimpy outfit is nothing short of pathetic and attention whoring, kind of like fanservicey clothes that have been cropping up in games. It's gotten to where the females in Japanese eroge are better dressed. I myself am 22, not a virgin, have had three girlfriends and one boyfriend, and I can and will call someone out on acting like a goddamn whore by being a huge flirt and not being willing to go further, basically dangling a twinkie on a stick. That's schoolyard bully stuff, and equally immature.

I believe I have a much better thought process than one that carries the implications of multiple generations of bloodline kept pure from taint through patriarchal methods and conditioning.

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It's actually called Deckmaster, you don't know a thing do you, damn scrubs. He must be from Bizarro-/tg/.

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