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A wise man once said to me, "love is insanity, because we love people BECAUSE of their flaws, not in spite of them." This is perhaps the most basic, essential lesson that defines the transition from boy to man; a most fundamental insight into the human condition. And a very similar lesson applies to the characters we admire and love: we love them because of their flaws, not in spite of them. And part of the celebration of humanity is how our "flaws" aid and improve us as much as they hold us back. We are not Vulcans, we are not perfectly logical. While we can easily use logic and conceive of a perfectly logical being, we ourselves are emotional, primal creatures and, at the end of the day, that's what makes each one of us unique and novel. Logic is mathematics; same input, same results - for all. Emotion is a vast sea of possibilities and clashes; it's dynamic and exciting.

The immature man doesn't understand this, which is why a defining feature of the Mary Sue is how they're Always Right; either incapable of making mistakes or taking a single unrighteous act, or simply being lauded as perfect by all no matter how heinous their acts.

They don't understand that the stubberon, cranky, grumpy Guard Captain that still manages to save the day no matter what is far more interesting; because his flaws make him an engaging, disruptive force in the world, and because he represents the essential struggle of humanity: he must triumph over himself before he can triumph over external threats.

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Don't forget seeker missiles. Nothing pisses off IG more than getting tapped in their AV10-12 flanks with S8 that hits on a 2+. Also good for dealing with drop pods, rhino chassis vehicles and bikes.

Also, well positioned Pathfinder teams will DEVESTATE current Space Marines. Snipers in cover? No cover save, and Missile pods raining in. Massive bike spam? Rail Rifles, then pinning check at LD 2. (Trollface here)

The current guard are a little harder, but as mentioned broadsides work best. Vehicle squadrons are like candy; three big targets, vs. 3 twinlinked AP1 shots. If you feel like having them sit and shoot, you can also rig them with twinlinked plasma and a multitracker. Turns into 6 ap2- shots at 24 inches, and 9 ap2- at 12 inches. Plus, if the broadsides need to move they can still fire the plasma as if they were stationary, which just pisses everyone off.

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