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Blue was making her way back to the Mek shop, with the arm load of scrap she'd bought off some boys with her eccess teef. She had some good bits from a hover tank she wanted to try to use in her Dro'n Shield to make it good for smakkin' gits. She reaches her personal corner and walks by Mr Squigg, who was lieing lazily on the floor. Dumping her load on her work table, she pulls out some schematics and pours over them.

"If I c'n hook the hover pad gubbins to the outer shell, and run it on low, it should make the shield a little stronga, and then rig a pressure trigga to blast in on hi when it use it to krump somethen'..."
She plucked the converted Tau drone from the wall, and pried the metal casing open, and began to work on the insides. As she continued to work, she started hearing a sound, subtle at first, but gradually growing louder. She didn't pay it any mind at first, but it was constant and growing steadily louder, distracting her from her project. What was it? Stomping? No, that wasn't it, it sounded like several feet hitting the ground in unison. What was the word? She curled her mouth thoughtfully. That was it! Marching.

A growl from her pet caught her attention, and she turned to look outside to the ship's hold. What greeted her sight was several Grots, marching in unison. They kept getting closer to her hub, then all at once came to a halt, turning about face in her direction.

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Male character image threads, okay.
Female character image threads, okay.
Armour threads, okay.
Weapons threads, okay.

Thread of Female Fighter images titles "-4Str" as a joke...

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Most importantly: Rock up on time. And make it consistent.
If you say you can run the quest thread every Sunday morning do it. Don't blow off your questers. Don't make promises/deadlines you can't keep.

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That's stupid. Not adapting to changes that fast sorta works for us humans since we're short-lived and the next generation will always embrace progress. If you're a species that lives hundreds of years and reproduces slowly as fuck, and your psychological makeup makes you resist change and not plan for the future... that's just retarded.

I've always hated long-lived creatures. You'd think that after their first 100-200 years they'd basically all be enlightened masters of fucking every useful skill, but instead they're mostly immature morons that can barely interact with other species (you'd think that after HUNDREDS OF YEARS you'd have learned some fucking diplomacy and self-control), and have the life experience that a human of the same age, relative to average life expectancy, would have.

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Postan fore it happen

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Well I would post my admittedly more-cute-than-sexy spider girl porno comic, but oh well. No porn allowed.

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They even do it for their prices.

...sorry couldn't resist.

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I can only hope this picture is prophetic.

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