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Nat 30 after a few unarmed training sessions with Chryssa&Darzi

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>Spetznaz Fighting style suit
>Not Lucha Libre fighting style suit

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>All I wanted to do was see a dinosaur wrestle a fortress like pic related

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This is how I monk

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>the physically able women were in the death-ridden, diseased bottom rung of society

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this is how I grapple monk

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Consecutive Nat 20s on a Grapple check

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>Pole dancer 'walking' upside down from the top of the pole in a semi-circle
That's when it stops being sexy and just becomes ridiculously impressive and you ask her why she's not doing Cirque De Sole.

>maxed out dex, climb, and nat 20 grapple roll

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I've seen better.

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(speaking of which, the DM of my next campaign has said, in so many words, that the Undertaker will be the end boss. At wrestlemania.)

Buckle up, kiddos.

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this is how I grapple monk.

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Bumping yet again.

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S.U.E. (or SUE, because fuck those periods some times) stands for Supernatural Unbalanced Entity. One of the primary threats of The Editors setting (MetaQuest, and Mahou Shounen Quest though Landing Gear hasn't been really playing much with that angle of it. His quest, so whatevs. Power to him.), they basically pop up/form/ooze in/what have you, and use the reality distortions their very existence and powers create to force their own desires on a Canon. Bad shit, bro.

As to the whole "cat's outta the bag now" shit with K1 here... If it's not causing distortions, then Heaven's just gonna have to deal with it. If they want to mindwipe him or some shit and set this straight ONCE we get the SUEs dealt with and all the distortions fixed, then that's their prerogative as canon divine powers of the setting. It'd be stupid, though Love *always* finds a way in these types of worlds... They're just delaying the inevitable.

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All these cross race couples are so cute. Maybe if you could fight like this you'd have a GF right now.

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Your gif is smalltime.

I propose a better one.

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Grappling roll: 20

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i remember that one but i dont have it

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