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Hey /tg/ I just got done with my taxes and am getting a bit of money back (not much but enough to buy a thing or two) and have been thinking about my traitor guard army. Now My traitor guard army I wanted to set up as a private imperial house, that took up slaanesh worshiping due to their privileged lifestyle, this is my kinda fun army though so I have a few non-GW models as Unit leaders or commissars. The non-GW being Ladies in ball room gowns or large frilly dresses. recently I saw that Isabella (vampire counts) got a new model though, and even though it's finecast I'm considering purchasing her to add her to the army... my questions are as follows though /tg/:

1. has anyone worked with the new Isabella model? is the vampiric collar easy to remove?
2. if I do go with Isabella, How would you downplay the vampirism and play up more of a slaaneshi cultist look?
3. Do any of you know of any other 28mm models that have large frilly dresses or any males that look the part of a Lord of the manor?

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