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One last bump for a scan.

This can now be a 40k art thread now.

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Well you certainly fit in 40k. Next time, don't forget your sage.

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Thank you kind sir! You are a gentleman an a scholar!

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Hey /tg/

I'm building up my Necron army to 2000 points and was wondering if Necron flyers are worth the points. Would it be better to take Ghost Arks as transport than Scythes?

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>that require you to pay money to fill them.
Or you could just call customer support and have them send you a new one. Then chop the old one up for bitz. But yeah, then you'd have to find the number and talk to a real person over the phone, might be a challenge.

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It's not the aesthetic that's the problem, it's how boringly they're characterised these days. To me marines are like the old Ian Watson novel, totally deranged religious fanatics pulled from the worst parts of society for their killer instinct.
A giant in power armour is just 'eh', a giant delusional psychopath is properly grimdark. Not just MORE PURITY SEALS I AM WAR-JESUS.

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Because lots of people are fucking retarded.

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Use a hobby knife to cut the yellow/blue you plan on mixing. This helps insure you get equal parts.

I like to dip my fingers and the mixture in water as I'm working it, keeps it from sticking to my fingers. Some people use a VERY small amount of Vaseline on their hands and sculpting tools, as it ensures there will be no sticking.

Mix the blue/yellow until it is a uniform forest green. If it's a little yellow or blue add a little more of the opposite until you get that nice green color.

You should be good to go. I'll monitor this thread for further question for a bit. Redshirt man, away!

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Shit happens dude

When I first saw Mantic, I loved it

Now I fuckign hate their guts

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Well, if they have had experience fighting ninjas, they may pick up a few tricks.

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I wanna get back into 40k and I've heard there is a new rulebook... Any tips on how to play new edition 40k or is it just the same as ever?
Pic unrelated

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>since 40k is, has and always will be decided by the assault phase more than any other.

Except that's bullshit, since right now 40k is dominated by the shooting phase. Or did I lose my mind? Are IG amazing because they have a great assault phase? Is razorwire "top-tier" for GK and BA because of all those 6 man squads charging out of their metal boxes? Remember leafblower?

Holy shit, how wrong can you get?

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/tg/ I just made meself a chapter with the chapter generation, so i'm leaving it to you nuts to generate our color scheme and heraldry, as a bonus they might break to Chaos because I like Chaos mor than Space Marines
>Name: Perilous Venerators/ Sons of Tigris
Origin: Strategic Prognostication (created in order to oppose some future prophesised/anticipated event
Founding: 38th Millennium
Progenitor: Ultramarines
Gene stock: New Generation
Codex Demeanor: Scions of Mars
Chapters Hero: Seconded Chapter Master Savaa Recluthon!
Chapter Hero 2: Company master Ghedeus Krutho of 3rd Company
Deeds of Legend: Crusader (The hero was the first to face some newly discovered alien race, and ultimately responsible for it's total destruction. Centuries later only the Chapter remembers the name of the race, so utterly was it and its works cast down)
Home World: Feral Ocean World
Home World Relation: Distant Rule
Combat Doctrine: Close Combat
Special Equipment: Totemic Charms
Chapter Beliefs: Revere the Primarch
Current Status: Nominal
Friends: Adeptus Astartes (Ultramarines sadly)
Enemies: Dark Eldar

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If you don't like the Codex fluff, why not ignore it and use the Ultramarines characterization from more competent writers like Dan Abnett or Graham McNeill?

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What do I give to my Dreadnought as a second weapon? Lascannon so he can destroy tanks like a beast (Tank Hunters) or assault cannon so he can be Tankred?

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Why don't they just put the Emperor in a Dreadnought?

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Hey tg you guys usually deliver when I have a question so here goes...

I need to get an idea how big a Strike Class Cruiser is in the Warhammer 40k universe. Secondly how hard would they be to retrofit a series of cat walks onto?

>pic not super related

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Comic sans

Type face of the 41st millennium.

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