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How does the internal hierarchy of the Mechanicus work? Is a Magos tied to a particular place like Catholic Bishops? Or is it a title of academic rank, like professor? Who names a Magos, or lesser ranks for that matter? And how widely are patterns distributed? While it obviously varies from pattern to pattern, how common is say, a pattern for an auspex, compared to one for a Chimera?

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So what exactly are there two armies of the adeptus mechanicus? I can't seem to find any information on the subject. I think it would be a cool army to assemble. Thanks in advance!

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god isn't a metal I think. Or maybe he is. All hail the Omnissiah. Laus! Laus! Avi Machina

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I recently came across this awesome random generator for 40k tech priests and I thought it might be amusing to roll some dice and do some writefagging amongst ourselves.

^Tables are there

Kicking things off with Magos Jennicker vis Kharkov, Mistress of the Prison-Fane
>Middle Aged (81) Female Magos
>Atomus (Particle Physics)
>Lexmechanicus (Applied Mathematics)
>Cerebum in Vivo (Prison)
>Integral Forcefield
>Horde of Servitors

Sometimes life doesn't always go as we might wish. Jennicker vis Kharkov was Kazarad-Prime's most promising mathematician and physicist, hellbent on unpicking the secrets of the universe.

Unfortunately her mortal body was eviscerated in a particle accelerator explosion, and her mind interred in a cerebral support. Before she could be transferred to the cogitator vaults below her laboratories, one of her rivals switched her transport requests with that of Gherolt, a vicious high-ranking Secutor. He was assigned to the Tailwards salient, to the Prison-Fanes of Albetrix. Now interred in the prison complex, Jennicker lives out her days managing the containment of heretics, xenos and deserters.

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Is there any major source of info about Mars from the 40k universe? Supposedly under the surface are unimaginable horrors unlike anything ever seen.

It sounds like an awesome backdrop for a book or something, but the only thing I've ever found was a comic a while back that covered an arbites and mechanicus expedition that accidentally covered an ancient AI.

Surely someone has written a book right? Mechanicum covers Horus heresy apparently, would it still be a good thing to read if I want to get an idea for what Mars is like "now" in the 41st millennium?

I would love to read about an expedition going under the surface to look for lost technology.

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Ave Omnissiah.

The machine god shall awaken and all will join in its glory. Humanity shall transcend their mortal forms and take their place amid the stars, for we are the gods who let the universe see itself.

As above, so below, for the atoms will be as constellations of thought in the Gods' mind.

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Daily Reminder: every time you look up porn on your computer, you're disrespecting the machine spirit

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It's our shtick.

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I'll tell you about someone like that.

Me. I worship machines. Especially machines of war. And I just so happen to prefer the German style of such machines.

That said, it has very little to do with Nazi ideology. (Pic related)

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will dump what little i have

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Vibrating sex toys.... are machines.
Which means, they have Machine Spirits.


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Fact A: within all technology lies a soul. This is the Machine-Spirit.
Fact B: flesh is weak, as are its needs and drives. Such things must disgust the Machine-Spirits.
Fact C: I, like many of you, access an inordinate amount of pornography via the internet.

>That moment when realize...


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Since you said you only know those three, here's Mechanicus.
And the Custodes symbol is further up, it's the aquila with the skull in it.

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> Be 18
> work as apprentice enginseer in a mech shrine (mechanic at truck shop)
> not adorning the walls and machinew with holy symbols of the omnissiah

So /tg/ what symbols could I put around here that I could preferably draw with oil? Also 40k lore thread

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/tg/ I come to you asking for help! I have a few failing pieces of technology around the house that I am going to try and repair, but I want to throw in some Admech prayers to help it along. Is there an Admech equivalent of the imperial infantryman's uplifting primer ?

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<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>Building Adeptus Mechanicus Army</h1>

<p id="demo">A Paragraph.</p>

<a id="myDIV">AD MECH.</div>

<m id="MOD">Modeling.</mod>

<omnissiah id="OMNI">Omnissiah.</omnissiah>
document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML="Hello /tg/";

document.getElementById("myDIV").innerHTML="I'm building an Adeptus Mechanicus army and am unsure of what codex to use, right now considering either C:SM, SM, or Crons.";

document.getElementById("MOD").innerHTML="Are there any good models or conversion out there that I can use and/or fellow?"

document.getElementById(" Omnissiah").innerHTML="Praise the Omnissiah!"


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Hey /tg/

Just a quick question I need answered about Warhammer 40k's universe. I have been DMing Dark Heresy for about four years, and I know the universe pretty well - there is, however, something I have no idea about.

See, my players every so often get mechanical limbs, and every time one of them will ask if they can put either blades or guns inside them that can retract, Adam Jensen style. This always makes me feel like the Mechanicus would have an issue, but I can't find any evidence that they would, so I get nagged or called a hard-ass, and end up letting them do it.

Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

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Elegan/tg/entlemen, i have a problem i need assistance with

While speaking with a friend of mine, she complained about her laptop playing up. I, jokingly, suggested she appease the Machine Spirit.
10 minutes later, we are discussing the ceremony when she asks what to say if her mother walks into her room during the 'ritual'

Her mother is a copper. good excuses would be appreciated, my friends.

also, general AdMech/IRL stories

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If I was a engineer I would tattoo pic related in a heartbeat

Anyone else annoyed that their hobby doesn't translate to tattoos at all.. neither comics or /tg/ stuff

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hey /tg/ any 40k fans who want the chapter master game NEED to go thier forum http://tgchaptermaster.freeforums.org/iex.php
and show support and offer help. this thing is happening people just give them a reason to continue.

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Chaos Star
Mark of your favorite Chaos God
The Symbol of the Mechanicum

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People always badmouth the Mechanicus, all the time, but the ungrateful fools don't know what kind of shit they have to deal with.

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