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Not really casual, but have a pic of the Chaos Gods RAP BATTLING!

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I'll throw out what I have experienced.

Mono Nurgle with terrain, Defense Lines, Void Shield Generators or any cover in a pinch, a good chunk of the army is massed plaguebearers with a decked out squad leader and icon. They sit on objectives and never move ever and if someone assaults them, activate their banner and smash their cunts in. Nurgle is actually a weirdly fast moving god, which most people don't expect and get loose the game from underestimating. Between Blight Drones, Plague Drones and Beasts of Nurgle, I've had my army close the gap turn two.

Nurgle is best at killing swarm armies and ignoring shooting armies and fliers (outside of Tau and Helldrakes.)

Slaanesh has a million daemonettes on foot. Any game of 1000 or more points I cram 60 in. They have spammy Daemon Prince shooty attacks and the entire army is wickedly fast. Fleet plus the 3 inch extra run is a far lot better in play than on paper. For good lols try a nine man fiend squad with 2 Heralds of Slaanesh riding steeds, giving one of them True Name. One goes in the front to Look Out Sir cheat with wounds by putting spreading them on adjacent Fiends while the other one hides in the back (hopefully) buffing the squad.

Slannesh is great as assraping marines, terminator armies and elite smaller or lighter armies and totally sucks at trying to tango with guard.

(Outside of screamer star)Tzeentch has a notable divide in gameplay. If an opponent's general armor save is +4 or worse and they don't have a ton of pskyers, I find massive loads of around 60 horrors deep striking in and shooting people out of the blue is great. Land down and blow away crucial units not expecting the furious 4d6 shots. I recommend groups of 20 with a mastery level 3 Herald with the Exalted Locus. If the foe has +3 or better armor saves, just spam divination or biomancy princes with the staff. Nuff said.

Mono Khorne I would like to give more helpful advice on, but every time its just a mad foot race to close the gab.

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Audio engineer

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Who would win?

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Was it like pic related?

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Chaos is house, rave, dubstep, all that crappy stuff that doesn't even sound like music.

Well, Tzeentch and Slaanesh at least.

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As a real daemon player I laugh at your and look forward to drinking the tears of your kind when my army of re-rolling +2 invulnerable saves steam rolls you and your dirty gay space clown race.

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I played Dark Crusade a fucking lot. Eldar are definitely the best.

Instantly build a barracks and another bone singer, then two guardian squads, put their reinforcement on overwatch. Build two generators and listening post your caps, meanwhile, get a squad Rangers and infiltrate or get your farseer up if you expect an enemy commander. She will win you the game using mindwar.

You want map control at this point, harass with your rangers and use your speed to your advantage. While this is happening, get your main research building up, start building banshees and firedragons as your opponent tier 2s. Your first upgrade should be power weapons (banshees) and targeting/armour upgrades (troops).

You'll start needing power, and should have lots of req, build more generators if you have spare req or upgrade those listening posts. Upgrade the ones closer to your base first. Build webway portals as you need to boost pop cap

by tier 2/3, now is when you upgrade relocate matrix and cloak matrix. The moment you have relocate, do so, slap it somewhere hard to find. By the time he tracks it down, you should be able to relocate again, not that you have to.

An interesting tactic is to infiltrate their base with a bone singer and slap down a portal. Move your entire army through the portal while they move their army to where they think your base is. if you have D-cannon turrets, relocate them around the portal to put some hurt on their buildings while you wipe our their essentials

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Don't listen to these faggots. I have to put up with Necron power gamers every week and now the new book has me stomping in their shit.

Plaguebearers. Everywhere. Each squad needs a Herald with Greater Locus, buy Aegis Defense Line and put it around/near your objectives.

All Nurgle daemons behind that shit get +2 cover save. Ignore flyers, they can't do shit. Guass is useless against you and crons suck at melee.

Only vehicle you should take is Soul Grinder of Nurgle. Why? A Str 8 large blast or some Str 7 anti air shots all packed into a box with a +2 cover save against shitty gauss.

Next, you need to peel those cock suckers off of objectives/hunt down the squads that have left the safety of their autistic arcs or power gaming fliers. Plauge Drones or Fiends/Hounds being buffed by Grimoire of True Names. Each choice is super fast and with cover/buffed invl save can wreck some serious shit. Also: Take Grimoire and Portalglyph every single fucking game.

Get a Icarus Lascannon with your fortification and use that BS 5 on your Herald of Nurgle to gun down all those gay Flintstone looking vehicles that Ward Crons have.

For flyer spam, grab Heralds of Tzeentch and horrors. Give the Herald the Exalted Locus and Mastery Level 3. For powers, give him Flickering Fire and Presence. Use presence on a squad of sixteen horrors. 6d6 Str 6 hits that can all be rerolled. Fuckthosefliers.jpeg

When your entire army has +2 cover or +3 invl saves, your Necron player will shit himself and cry tears of pains as the 20 or so necron warriors that jump out of their french breakfast pastry fliers has to deal with your super killy/cheap fast attack hordes. Their guns will be effective as a flaccid penis trying to impress a veteran cheerleader.

When you win, pick up their inferior terminator-wannabee models and crush them in your hand. Remind them that the C'tan no longer present a threat to the Chaos Gods in Ward fluff and banish them from your sight.

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its Tzeentch. God of change. Its bound to happen some how.

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Ultramarines are space Romans. I love Rome, so I like Ultramarines.

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Two of them must be called Billius and Teddius.

>air guitar.

When they begin playing, building-sized warp-spawned amps form an arena around them.

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Tyranid gargoyles. If you decide to buy some though just go ahead and buy an entire box of 10 because the bits stores on the 'net want a few dollars less than full box price for 10 sets.

that might be do-able perhaps... Maybe set up some fiber optic lighting or simply wire in some tiny ass light bulbs.

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If you are not going to play competitively then play what you want to play and let the nay-sayers be damned.

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oh well.

/tg/ has covered this topic in a few images, I also have one of a flier for a show at the Cadian Parade grounds... I just can't seem to find it

I'll do a 40k musician image dump while we wait for an answer and I find that

because it's actually pretty sweet

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