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Oh, and to help spoonfeed it to you since you were hell bent on reading the wrong thing out of my post, the tl;dr is that you never got "punished" or rewarded for killing people who aren't a threat. There is only one sole element of Khorne that is about not killing the unworthy, and that is the reward system, which in 1e Realms of Chaos is about killing enemies, killing Slaaneshi, killing friends and allies *of equal or similar stature*, and not using magic or allying with Slaaneshi.

In latter day Warhammer, this philosophy is generalized into just being about killing other characters, in challenges in FB, or in general in 40k.

This isn't "its bad to kill helpless innocents" in any case, but it is a lack of profits for killing the unworthy, which is about how it should be -- there's no harm in killing innocents or in not doing so, both are mechanically equal.

Black Crusade has a lot more variety in Khornate rewards.

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Yes, which is what I was talking about -- the provision describing the killing of friends solely refers to others on a similar level as you (characters), not your followers and certainly not noncombatants. Fluff and crunch always matches up on that fact -- some Khornates do kill everything that moves, but they're not rewarded for it.

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Even in his earliest incarnation (where it was well established that team killing is part of Khorne's domain), he neither punishes nor rewards people for killing the weak and helpless.

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Nah, 'friends and allies' has always only referred to people of the same power level, as I said before.

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