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Well, that's a problem, since she's not a Horse Girl.

Also, shit taste, we all know that's truly arousing. What is it? Pic related.

I love me some Fleshmonsters.

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The trucker sire was old, potent, and completely crazy. He'd had a habit of embracing people who seemed promising, or just for laughs, and moving on. The redneck was one of those, but he still had a bit of pride to his work, so the execution riled him up and had him start moving for the city in his long-haul at top speeds.

Unknown to the PCs at the time, the long-haul's container had a gargantuan Vozhd squeezed into it, and fused with the truck itself in the trucker's expression of his mastery of Vicissitude. They planned for an angry elder with a bag of tricks, and got an enraged elder with RE2 regenerate-and-become-even-uglier powers and an immobile, but still terrifying, vozhd trying to grab them and eat them.

They had as much backup as they could call in, an anti-tank rifle borrowed from the Prince's armory, a ghouled bear, a frenzying sheriff, and brass balls, but it took a bit of semi-literal deus ex machina in the form of an unnaturally fierce thunderstorm and some fortuitous lightning strikes to put them both down for good. There'd been hints that there was Something with a vested interest in the coterie staying alive. This was by far the most overt action it ever took, though.

The Holy Engineers of the city, by the by, seemed to have a much better grip on that Something than anybody else. Especially their leader, who ended up being one of the favorite NPCs of the game.

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>That's not what I posted.
That's because I posted it. I was not aware this was a personal thread. Apologies.

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>Player or GM
>Systems preferred
Running MaOCT
>Times available
Next Friday ~7:30 GMT
>Contact info
The_Parsnips, Skype

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Here's where I found 'em, if you want to check.

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Oh god. What if you put SHODAN in 3.5 or Eberron (4e with warforged, not sure if there are any other varieties, but I use it for 3.5)?

What form would she take? What would she control? What are her goals?

This needs to be done.

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Have all of your vampires act as though they're from Clan Tzimisce.

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In the Grim Darkness of 1961, the government has attempted to stop civil rights, by get rid of black people and sending them to Antarctica. 25,000 niggers are shipped to there and one of the tribes (gangs) happens upon the Eldar Thing city in The Mountains of Madness.

What happens next?

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Here's the deal. Lovecraft was writing from the point of view of a white, relatively well off New Englander after the first world war. WWI ripped giant holes in the cultural fabric and led to all sorts of reactionary art movements, Dadaism being both one of the most prevalent and most horrifically misunderstood by the average internet-goer. From Lovecraft's point of view, the appearance of a pile of fish guts, tentacles, sexual orifices, and eyeballs wasn't what drove you insane, exactly. Most of the crushing revelations that bring insanity come from witnessing such a creature, or learning that some some blasphemous cult had the right idea, and then extrapolating from there. If Cthulhu is real, or Azathoth is real, there goes the idea of a kind, loving God, or an orderly creation, and that takes the legs out from the structure of most contemporary people's world view. It was the revelation that everything you knew was completely wrong, that reality didn't have a meaning, that there isn't a benevolent deity, or even some actively malevolent force that has it out for humanity - that there is only a vast, protean universe that DOES NOT CARE that you live or die.

THAT is what scared the fuck out of Lovecraft, and that fear and realization was what drove the art movements he was unwittingly part of.

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Haven't watched the show. How vulnerable are these things to mind-reading, telepathy, false sensory input, and general mental fuckery?

If the answer is "at all", then my Malkavian would probably have the time of his fucking life. And even if he got eaten, his blood would ensure the one that got him would be permanently driven batshit insane by whatever standards of sanity a Titan keeps. Oh, and they apparently ignore nonhumans, and if vampires count for that, he could just wail on their weak point with his crafting knife until they keel over.

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This one really creeps me out.

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Thats all I got I'm afraid

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sounds like an adventuring withdrawal symptom
we all have regrets, anon, we all do. Have this vozhd

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Eh, just general squickiness. Plus any ideas for villains/spells/etc.
Though I've had to take a lighter touch with that in my current game because I know a few of my players are rather squeamish.

I can totally incorporate the dolls mentioned in >>25091892 into something Hastur-related.

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