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BFG is great. I've got a whole bunch of eldar, and i've played as imperials and chaos. I definitely had the most fun as imperials. I just felt like I was watching a space movie battle unfold more than we were trying to figure out how to statistically destroy each other, which are always the very best games.

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How do you get additional psy rating when pushing it?

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The Malice, captained by Uncle Bouki is armed with port/starboard plasma batteries, and a prow Dragon's Breath Lance. Uncle Bouki's opening salvo heavily damages the Bearded Fury, but the Brotherhood hit back just as hard. After a few back and forth salvos, the frigates get into position.

Uncle Bouki, heavily damaged, decides to retreat.
"Now don't you worry! I'll be back, you hear?" voxes Uncle Bouki, "And I'll be bringing heavier firepower!"

Torpedoes fly true and lances burn deep as the Brotherhood bring down the two sword frigates, as they heavily damage the Drinks All Around. Post combat, as Velm escorts Sung back to the lander bays, she notices out of the corner of her eye a blue light.

"Got a selection of good things on sale, stranger..."

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Necron Lord fits a Part Ranged Combat / Part Techpriest niche

Ork: Pure CC Combat
Dark Elfdar: Part Voidmaster, part Debuffer
Kroot: Part Seneschal, Part CC Combat

For Only War, a book of Vehicles would be useful, as well as a Book of Abhumans.

Dark Hershey needs a 2nd edition, as well as a fix to the godawful trainwreck of Ascension.

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>OH God.
Well, the inquisitor did offer to try and help, but yes. After escaping from the Homeworlds, all they really were able to grab was whatever could fit in a cardboard box at arms length.

>But running their own station, so kinda like Deep Space 9?
There will be numerous times to assign personnel to new squat holds as the game goes on. Think of it like Civilization V.

>Also some advice when you have the time. Ship Combat Tactics vs a Cruiser of unknown make with unknown archeotech, and unknown arms, while all we have is a firestorm frigate with a mars pattern macrocannon and sunbreaker lance.

Replace sunbreaker lance with sunsear laser. Use superior maneuverability to camp enemy cruiser's rear blind spot. Unload. Don't forget to boost BS with lock on.

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pew pew

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In ship combat I instituted a house rule that Shields return at the start of the round only. This mimics Battlefleet Gothic. I also boost ship BS to 50 or 60.

It works wonders, since now ships are a threat and you don't need as many to gank the players.

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So everyone stops by my apartment for the game, where I remind them that they have unfinished ship business. The battle mat remained in the exact same position on my dining room table. The players all arrive, and surprisingly the Rogue Trader is not there. He has business with his woman, apparently. Everyone else is overjoyed at this turn of events - after all, shit can get done now!

Turning back to the space combat, the player's cruiser faces down Farotek's cruiser and a pair of escorts. The players do the best they can with thier ship, and after considerable effort and damage, repel Farotek and destroy his escorts. Surprisingly it took less than 40 minutes due to Rogue Trader not pitching a bitchfit.

"God damn, our ship loadout sucks." says Seneschal.
"Well, ROgue Trader wanted all lances." says Voidmaster.
"But it sucks. Those shitty missiles and lances mean we struggle to do damage." says Arch-Militant
"We were doing better with our initial loadout." states Explorator.
>Speaking as a man completely full of himself, I design great ships.
"Yeah. First things first I'm putting the Sunsears back on and taking off the shitty lances." says Seneschal.
"Will that be okay?" asks Voidmaster.
>It's your call, Brodysseus.
"We're doing that." says the Arch-Militant.
>Oh, by the way, I finally learned Crew Morale.
"Oh, we in trouble?" asks Voidmaster.
>Yeah. Someone gotta Command or there's a mutiny, it says.
"Don't worry. I got this." Seneschal says as he flawlessly fixes the problem.
>That wasn't so hard.
"You know, if Rogue Trader was here, it would take an hour to solve a mutiny."

How prophetic.

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Returning to their moon after recruiting the Mekdok Uzgob, the players arrive back over the tenth moon of Iniega, their world. After shopping with their good "friend" the Merchant, they discover a frigate overhead. Heading to Carlo, the homeless guy that lives behind the Port Authority, he tells them it is named the Ferrum Crustulum, and find it belongs to another Rogue Trader, a man named Kaga. He supposedly runs a popular game show, a profitable game show. Immediately, the Rogue Trader wants to get in on it. So he orders everyone to the Aquila, and heads to one of the frigate's docking bays.

Upon disembarking, there are a number of beings about. 90% human, but the rare kroot, tau, and even eldar. Seneschal notes that there is a small table with some secretaries. He walks over.

"Can I help you?" one secretary asks.
"Yes, we heard there were things going down." Seneschal replies.
"Well, if you just sign this paperwork..."
Seneschal does so. He records them as the Crew of the Windu's Saber.
"Excellent! Competition begins in one hour!"
"But wait! What does this compe-"
"Thank you, and have a nice day!" as the window closes.
"Oh, shit." says the Seneschal.
"What?" asks the Voidmaster.
"Well, we're signed up. That's the good news." says the Seneschal.
"Signed up for what?" asks Voidmaster.
"That's the bad news." notes the Seneschal.

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>slow their decent
The drop pods in 40k have rockets that make their descent even faster. They are the opposite of reasonable hard sci fi drop pods.
Just before they hit the ground they do turn on other rockets to slow their descent just before impact. Such extreme acceleration would kill real people. But 40k has inertia dampeners and genetically modified Astartes, so they don't care.

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Battle Barges fire out small ships filled with spess muhreens to fly to and board other ships in ship to ship combat.
Don't know what they are called though.

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It gets even sillier than that.
There are lost societies on some ships.
The ships are so huge that a group of people get lost in some section and generations later their descendants still haven't left. All the while the ship's regular crew is oblivious to their existence.

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Horus Heresy board game?

For a board game, it is far too rules intense. There are many rules, and they will take a long time to get through. It isn't a game you can open and start playing in ten minutes, you'll need to sit down with the rulebook for a good few hours (one readthrough won't cut it). Even after that, you will need several play throughs before you iron out all the mistakes you'll make. The game takes hours to play, more so when your starting.

Even then, it is still interesting to play. The biggest problem is that it is a two player game. There isn't really a way to add extra players to the sides, so it can't really function as a party game like a board game should.

Balance is usually... odd. I've always found Horus and co. to have a considerable advantage, yet other players claim its impossible to lose as the loyalists.

Overall its quite fun, but it never really started up in my area as a big thing mostly because of the 2 player issue. Even with 40k you can have 2v2s and stuff.

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Can we share Rogue Trader notes?

Stufff like your two sentence random encounters in hives or space, random plot hooks, stats for useful NPCs, landscape discriptions and so on...

Lets share cool stuff that us GMs can keep in our notebooks. Also cool art, unique looking ships, civilian craft and space station, celestial phenomena and anything else you think might be useful to our fellow Storytellers.

Also Rogue Trader general!

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Bamp with space art

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Evening, elegan/tg/entlemen, I come to you with a problem, seeking advice.

I am thinking of getting into Warhammer 40k, as many of my friends are. Almost all of them are playing transport heavy space marines. I would like to play Imperial Guard.

My question is: how can I survive battling the angels of death with my Imperial Guardsmen?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hey folks, I'm looking for some fairly somber music for my upcoming sessions of Rogue Trader.

Here are all the songs from the Chaos Gate OST. They're the sort of the thing I'm searching for.

Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOXe0RfMHvo
Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjrfAfbt72Y
Part 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG-ukxyr5Ug

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