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Make a mental note to ask the adMech to explore the possibility of creating a plasma sniper rifle.

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Orsola Magnus - Techpriest of Mars
Captured as an adept, Orsola Magnus has been a techpriestess with the pirate armsmen for the majority of her life. Specializing in medicae and small arms, she has gained a questionable reputation due to a high incidence of those under her care ending up only technically alive.

Erionis Rethyx - Freeborn Techpriest
Hailing from another ship in the wolfpack, Erionis is reported to be a skilled techpriest, if a bit odd. Specialized in vehicles and heavy weaponry, he has yet to find a real place within the wolfpack.

Advinessa Yulem - Freeborn Techpriest
Hailing from another ship in the wolfpack, Advinessa is known to have been a former pupil of the late Magos Backer. Specializing in voidship systems, she is rumored to be a deviant, even by Techpriest standards.

Weylin Escorzen - Techpriest of Mars
Hailing from another ship in the wolfpack, Weylin is reportedly seeking to continue his quest for knowledge while enduring his capture by the wolfpack. Specialized in exploration of both the void and planetary bodies, many view his obsession with STCs as dangerous.


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SoB or one of the numerous Space Marine Chapters. Chaos had to deal with a simple list for its many flavors of Legion, and what, the Loyalists get a Codex for every Chapter with a special unit? Fuck that.
>Replace the ancient, all metal (soon to be finecast) sculpts with....

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Go on ahead

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Prepare your folder.

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All good.

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Thanks, man. This will pretty much be my first time going, and I wanted it to be as much of a memorable experience as possible, considering the circumstances.
I'll be dumping more pics, meantime

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Something that has been bothering me while reading through the Heresy series, the Mechanium seems to be obsessed with replacing their flesh with machine and using logic rather than emotions, completely understandable from their point of view. What I don't get is how they reproduce?

It would seem that anyone high enough in the Mechanium to have children have long since replaced their junk with something probably cool, but ultimately useless.

So how do they get new people? Is anyone still born on Mars? Do high ranking Magos even have children? How are people recruited into the Mechanium? Do people on other worlds decide to send their children to the Mechanium as a tariff? That still makes no sense as the have a consistent culture they would need to have their own children.

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Have some mechanicus. Not every day we find a partner capable of properly worshipping the Machine God.

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Alright, /tg/.
Let's have a 'Good GM' story thread.
>Puts us through hell on Catachan/Dark Eldar fuckpitcity
>We escape by sacrificing the party psyker
>On escape, we find an old mech suit
>turns out to be fuckawesome
>I get to pilot it, and I get promoted to Captain of the Inquisition (one step below inquisitor in this ordo)
>Party gets sent to go take out some orks
>Call in some favors, have Angry Marines, Skitari, and some other marines fight with us
>Fight into Looted Port Wander (yes, the Port Wander from RT, it's a long story)
>Fight our way into the main chamber.
>Find the ork in question, he's the size of a warhound titan, and he uses an Aquila Lander for a jump pack
>spend the next 3 hours fighting him, Explorator sacrifices himself but lives by huffing plasma canisters, I hit the ork with a huge fucking blast from my mech and get hit with the Aquila Lander for it
>Eventually kill the giant ork
>We're big damned heroes.
Fuck yeah.

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Well, it is certainly a viable tactic, but I don't consider it game-breaking, it gets balanced out by the risk of Phenomena. You may want to discuss with your GM beforehand if he would allow you to use the Lucky on the Phenomena roll triggered by itself.

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I am the OP, and I second this. They can be awesome, and they can also be hilarious, but they're always awesome.

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1 guard
1 deamonhost
1 tech priest

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rolled 17 = 17

In Storm of Iron, there are descriptions of warhounds "jinking" to the side to avoid being hit by tank fire, so they would be alarmingly nimble, especially for a 50' metal behemoth.
In the same novel, they describe melee combat in a fairly desperate manner, indicating it would be relatively fast paced, though I can't really say anything more than that.

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Follow the link:


6667 or 9999

/join #tijirecon

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Otherwise, Admech dump.

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I am Alpharius.

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Omnissiah is where it's at.

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Fuck Space Marines. I want my AdMech Skitarii army.

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The Techpriests home base is Mars, though they're found all over the galaxy since they're pretty much the guys in charge of taking care of shit.

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