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The books vary between great and mediocre.

Everything by Dan Abnett and Aaron Dembski-Bowden is great, everything else varies.

Graham McNeill is hit and miss for me.

Read every book and not been really dissappointed by any so far, except maybe fear to thread.

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Heresy-era Ultramarines looked pretty badass.

Somewhere, I've got a White Dwarf with (probably Golden Daemon winning) Ultras that were painted with more of a gradient and definitely some Hawk Turquoise in there. They also looked pretty rad.

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>Maybe kroot or IG shoulde pads with French lilies and more ornate shit on them.

That could work too. Or, with enough Green Stuff skill, sculpt the sort of pointy, leaf-shaped pauldrons.

>Bretonnian helmets

perhaps, perhaps. I do like the Sisters helmets, though. they look like the fucking awesome Heresy-era helmets that you can't even get from Forge World (I think they're supposed to be Mk III but with lots of attention from Artificers, because the Legions could afford to go with more than just stock components on their armor).

Pic related: if Ultramarines still looked like this I could understand Mat Ward's boner for them.

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