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>Yakshas (cannibalistic dryads, pic related)
>Rakshasas (devils, but not necessarily demonic weretigers, the king of Sri Lanka was one with ten human heads)
>Devas (angels)
>Vanaras (basically shamanic monkeymen)
>Nagahs (good yuan-ti)
>Apsaras (cloud nymphs)
>Gandharvas (celestial avorals)
>Kinnaras (barbarian reverse centaurs, horse head, human legs, etc)
>Asuras (Demon Lords, some could be just neutral instead of malevolent)
>Pretas (starving demonic corpses/ghouls that sometimes escape from hell to eat shit/dead animals/putrid water/etc)
>Garudas (supernatural birds, sometimes described as humanoid, sometimes as gigantic elephant eaters, sometimes as pretty much an Indian phoenix)
>Singhs (werelions)
>Kumbhandas (spectral dwarfs/gnomes with testicles the size of watermelons that protect the houses of people who worship/feed them)

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This is also why I actually like Slaanesh as a character and one of the Chaos gods. Each of them have a "good" and "bad" side, such as Khorne's sense of honor but also his meaningless bloodthirst. Slaanesh, though... Slaanesh just wants everyone to enjoy themselves, and through that, empower her. Every bit of joy felt by a parent when looking at their child, or the happiness of some one reveling in excess, or the loss and sadness and love felt towards a dead loved one, all of it is felt by Slaanesh.

More so than the other gods, even Nurgle, and especially the Imperium, Slaanesh is the embodiment of love and happiness.

Adding more to my previous points, it seems as though anything could be made to be un-excess. There must be many followers of Slaanesh who prefer only simple pleasures, and anything above such things would be considered excess, even if it was common or trivial by the standards of most.

To answer your orginal question of how much does it take for tame shit to be excessive?
There is no true answer to that.

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>Party is traveling with a princess NPC
>Actual useful princess mind you, she is very smart and gives the party a nice intelligence boost.

>She is also a necromancer
>They have not found out.
>They have accepted her as part of the group, one of them is in love with her (ingame obviously)

>She has been critically wounded and lost an arm now in a coma state
>The party is now fighting tooth and nail to bring the Princess back to her kingdom to get her healed.
>On the edge of her kingdom, a man approaches and tells the party that he is a prince and that SHE is his fiancee and that the party is under arrest
>The prince is a fucking asshole
>Top notch cunt, calls the Princess a ugly waste of time now she lost her arm etc
>One of the party has already tried to ssault him

>My party is now SERIOUSLY considering murdering this prince just because he is a dick

I've got a lot of material to work with now and I'm a fairly new DM
What are some interesting routes I can take with this

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Not that anon, but speaking of, I have the higher res of this one.

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Do Druids ever fall in love with non-Druids?
What would a relationship with a Druid be like?

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