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Anybody got the PDF of the inquisitorial codex? I dont have a tablet to read it on nor the $25 to spend on it. Other than that, PDF thread?

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What is the proper way to roleplay a cleric? The god I worship is the god of sunlight, Pelor. However, my character is lawful/neutral(is this even possible because pelor is good alignment?)

Anyway, my character sticks very closely to pelors "laws" and guidelines. Such as exterminating undead and the people who would hope to bend the undead to their will.

Anyway, I feel as if I get ignored in group though because I can't really do anything to other people. For example, one guy actively wants to become a necromancer lich.... am I suppose to kill him even though he is in my party? He isn't evil aligned.. he is neutral apparently.

Also, what exactly does "lawful" mean? Like, whos laws would a lawful person be following?

Its all very confusing for me. Basically, how do I roleplay a cleric and how does one be "lawful"?

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nudity is nudity on a SFW board son.

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So Chaos isn't evil? I see you cultists are at it again with your heretek computers and internet.

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Have anyone of your guys tried running a DeathWatch/Dark Heresy campaign in the vein of a typical shounen manga like DBZ/Bleach/HunterXHunter?

By that I mean loud as fuck stereotypical villains, groups of villains all with a strict hierarchy and all that jazz? Maybe even throw in a training arc or rescue arc in between.

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>having a 3D gf after waifu

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So I've had my deathwatch group fight all manners of xeno scum, Hive Tyrants, your cliche Chaos lord who foams from his mouth, Genestealer infestations, treasure hunts and the like.

But then I had a thought: What if a Rogue Trader was the villain? This pompous RT of huge wealth, armies and fleets under his command, even armed with the most rarest of equipment like personal warp shields and power armour so that himself is a tough nut to crack, consorting with Tau and Chaos alike in various conspiracies and tends to stay in the shadows.

But then comes the problem if it goes against the lore or not, wouldn't the RT's warrant of trade get revoked if he was aggressive against Space marines? Can RT's be that much above imperial law?

I'd rather not commit lorerape just for the hell of it.

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go back to taking slaaneshs's dick up your ass faggot

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I am pretty poor and can't afford to play the table top. Basically, I have no where to play it AND I suck at painting AND I have no money to play it.

So how can I have fun with it? I enjoy reading the lore about units and what not. I don't really enjoy the story books which deals with like INDIVUDALS of the space marines and what not. I really like the necron race. They are interesting.

I feel like tyranids are just basic aliens. Chaos space marines seem to edgy and I hate both kinds of eldar.

Anyway, what is the best way to have fun with warhammer 40k? Its such an expensive hobby.. how do you guys manage? Are there any GOOD warhammer games? I hear dawn of war is okay but its probably dead online now right?

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>Pic related

Catholicism has the benefit of being absolutely clear on almost all of their theology and related subjects and being consistent over time. When it comes to angels and demons, it seems wise to default to Catholic understanding on the matter.

Depends on who you talk to. Wheel-within-wheel-with-eyes or flaming swords and wings; either way, I'm gonna need a fresh pair of skibbies if I see one.

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