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Hey /tg/, Lataly I haven't been able to take this idea off of my mind.

You see, even though I have played roll games for a lot of years, have never found a rule set that fits what I want. GURPS, WoD, D&D... you name it, all are fun, but not what I want...

What I want to do is try to create a game that allows me to be what I want to be in a fantasy world, whichever it is. Even though I always loved magics and fantasy races, so I will stick with that. So what I ask for you is this:

Would you help me create it? right now I only need to know which powers and abilities you would like to have, which feats you would like to acomplish and if you like, an estimate on how strong and experience your character would need to be to be able to do it.

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