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How do they contradict? While plenty of ork tech works the way it does because the orks believe it will that way, that doesn't mean all their tech would fall apart if the orks didn't believe in it. Remember that the orks aren't aware of this effect. The tech has to make sense to them. So while they might be able to make some things works because they believe it should, some stuff they believe works because it actually does.

So it's obvious that Yarrick's claw actually worked on some level. He probably also had it fixed up to not be straight tech heresy either.

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Pity there wasn't a HS flier/flier transport for orks. Would have started a deff skwadron there and then. So good.

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ork technology only works because they think it works.

I'm serious.

They generate this gestalt psychic field, called the WAAAAGH, that fills in the gaps of their technology that their mekboyz leave out.
There are also Weirdboyz, who draw the energy of the WAAAGH to harness like a psyker would do with the warp.

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This thread is now about ork meks allying with every faction.

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this is a tricky step, fracture (read: cut) the wing along the lines of the bat's non-membrane limb. then roll out strips to work as the bones.

work the "bones" into the gaps and begin to curve the wing; a strait wing is easy to make, but looks god awful.

once you've got the wing done you can a) go with it, or b) start again but this time after you've got the rough shape of the wing you contort it to create an even more lively pose, just remember this is a lot harder if you don't have experience or the patience to pose/manage the wing while it dries.

either way, rinse and repeat.

with the column (or whatever his legs are) make sure to add on secondary details and make sure it doesn't look so... dildo. just adding some texture to it before it dries can be useful, but one of the best ways to work on what I can only assume is a serpentine body is to coil it and give it a more active look. go look up that new(ish) tyranid unit or the canoptek wraiths. copy that style and then add ribbing to the upper half and maybe some plates afterwards to pass as armor.

just some extra advice: work in more lordy bits; that always helps to distract from shoddy greenstuff, or to help get over hard to craft things like swords and axes and highly-detailed items.

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Kratos is an awesome color scheme,

Never really liked tyranids with the conventions paint schemes, but these heavily armored ones are just... breathtaking? amazing?!

If the tyranid models came with the extra armor plates, or if I had any greenstuffing skills I'd try my hand at those, thanks op!!

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ef wors conterd az foightin den youz wud all be az big az mork from all yer mukin about.

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sup /tg/ i am an ork player and i was wondering if you guys have any comments or suggestions for my army list
Warboss w/ 'eavy armor, shoota/skorcha/PK/attack squig
old zogwort
10x lootas
4x burnaz w/ Mekboy
30x boyz w/ 3x Big shootas, 1x Nob w/ TL shoota, PK
10x boyz w/ 1x nob w/ PK, bosspole
Trukk w/ grot riggers (10x boyz +warboss inside)
1x Looted wagon w/ boomgun
1x looted wagon w/ boomgun
it is a deth skullz army

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Blood Angel 3rd ed bullshite mind.

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Playing 40k instead of Gorkamorka doesn't help when it comes to correctly Orkz.

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(Here and ready to go, Draxxon)

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I got a box of orks and a box of space marines for Christmas, but I was told it was suppose to be two boxes of space marines. Does anyone know how GW's return policy is? I think they came from online, but if I could swap it at a storefront for another SM box, that'd be a bunch easier.

Thanks /tg/.

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Northside too, Kelvin Grove. Though I pretty much only hit up the Mt. Gravatt GW. (If you go regularly, you might run into a hairy bearded git running nothing but crazy converted ork tanks) Miles ahead of the one in the city.

Mainly 40k (Facebook "Brisbane 40k", there's a bunch of excellen/tg/ents on there) and /tg/ related /v/idya, but a bit of PnP RPG on the side too.

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GorkaMorka as Mount & Blade meets Spore. With vehicles and lots of bionics. Plus a few other treats when you eventually take your Waaagh! off planet...

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GorkaMorka as a sandbox mix of steampunk Mount and Blade (but with trukks) and cartoonish world scaling like Spore (but with lots of rival orks).

Watch your warband evolve and grow so large it declares a Waaagh! You travel to another planet only to lose a massive tank battle against other orks and reduce you to nothing. Then you have to start building from scratch again.

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Oi, right den.

Listen up an' listen well ya gitz, I ain'ts gunna be repeatorizing meself. Dis 'ere is Ork Quezt. You's be a lousy Ork what does what I tells 'im.

Now Roll 1d10 for job ya gits!

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Orks is da greenest

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Anyone else gonna contribute?

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Oi, So I build't dis gun. I fink I gonna name it da SHOKKATTACKGUN!!!!!!11111 I need to make it hit fings more better, where do ya get wonadem little red lights dat make bullets aim better?

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