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Basically, just have humans in your setting, that what I read.

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Meditate on the shards while we wait.

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Sweet fuck, that site combines every shitty upselling tactic from every other download site into one. Fake buttons, "wait 90 seconds because you're a fucking pleb," "Paid Downloads bring your grandma back from the grave! CLICK TO UPGRADE NOW!"

Does any of that ever work on anyone?

I'm actually kinda curious how many bullshit popups adblock and ghostery are stopping for me right now. Not curious enough to turn them off and check though.

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>No "you are..."
>You are Mother Doll

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>How would magical snakebitches work biologically
First mistake, especially since some species snakes can literally reproduce with females only, no genderflipping or anything
>Better make em all ladydudes and not actually snakebitches anymore!
Second mistake

And not a huge mistake, but if you're going for biological accuracy, he shoulda felt two hemipenii pokin his belly. Dont halfass your creepy futa snakes.

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>DMing a campaign for several months.
> Everything goes smooth. Social and investigation skills are the most frequently used ones.
> Both me and players seem to be pleased with the overall course of story. I let them craft their plot by themselves at this moment.
> One of them suddenly asks me to DM one adventure in my setting.
>He persuades me, saying that it would be just a simple side-story that wouldn't have a big impact over the entire campaign's plot.
> He hit my weak spot. I was getting tired of being forever DM.
> No big impact on the plot or world, he says.
> Two sessions later
> Killed his DMPCs and broke his railroad system

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yeah, its unfortunete.

A pity more people care about their SPESS MAHRENS circlejerks.

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I want to make fun of him, but I cant. He tried so hard on this and even wrote three posts worth of text that I didn't read on the idea without ever realizing how many pirate factions there are out there. Its just too danged adorable to hate on.

pic is how I envision op.

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Spoken like someone who's never been maced, much less dealt with any chemical training.

A fine enough powder will still get into your eyes, nose, mouth, or even the pores of your skin despite how fast your reflexes are. The real question is if enough of the stuff got through to do any damage.

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Bronn isn't stupid enough to fight The Mountain that Rides on his own terms.That's why he didn't fight for Tyrion against Clegane.

In the middle of a open battle? Bronn would slaughter The Mountain through trickery or something underhanded no question.

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>The police in my state do a horrible job. Therefor, all Police in one of the largest countries in the world are horrible.

Outstanding logic, chump. And here I thought only Eurofags regularly spewed such American ignorance.

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Rodriguez not dying was the only good value of that shitstorm of cliches people called a movie.

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I won't deny its a nice change of pace compared to everyone and their brother ripping off the "Age of Mortals" horse shit where anything magical goes away with your writer runs out of ideas and feels like rehashing the same old metaphors, though I dislike how its applied.

I read/watch/play fantasy to escape from the "mundane" world, not watch a world with magic turn into yet another mundane world.

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It sure is evident with all the powerful, established, men known for their oozing self-confidence paying big money for women in latex and leather to humiliate them.

Not every Guard unit has a prison atmosphere.

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Alas, I would, but i've never played before.


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adventure dog!

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Plot Hook for your next Dark Heresy game:
During a mission your techpriest vanishes.
The blood ravens thank the inquisition for this sweet new servitor.

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Mechanical question: how much of the model (in your opinion, /tg/) has to be covered in red for a vehicle to fairly be considered as having a "red paint job"?

I've always assumed that (e.g.) a Bad Moons battlewagon painted yellow has a "red paint job" as long as there's some effort at making flames (be they red or orange, as long as they're discernible from the yellow of the vehicle) but I've heard of TFG's complaining about that, and advocating a full-bore Evil Suns paint job for it to count as an RPJ.

Pic un-related.

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Starting an in-house OpFor for my Imperial Guard (that is, another army to collect, and to use to show new players (and since I'm an adult, that means friends: other adults who are new to wargames, not little kids) how to play teh 40 kayz.

Tyranids or Orks?

(I'm 99% sure Orks are a better training army than Nids, but I wanted to get /tg/'s approval.)

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If a good story is all bullshit, is it not still a good story?

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the sergal posts kind of have a rhythem, but i try to read the other posts in the same rhythem and then my eyes fall out

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So, I never read more than the core book. Were tehre classes for d20 Modern other than "Strong," "Fast," etc.?

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See, that's why you get in good with the 5-0. Then they just pass you the fuck up and go pick on some other dumb fucker.

Plus they look the other way when bringing in hidden fun stuff.

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Well dude, thats like, your opinion.

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