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>dies to bolt

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>have college D&D group, play Magic with a few people in it and others
>an autistic guy I play magic with hears I run D&D
>"Hey, cool man! I've always wanted to try that, you know."
>he's a cool guy and very capable socially, but has a worrying tendency to never drop an argument. A few of my players already get into fights about what moves are most optimal in combat sometimes and I don't want anything to boil over.
>plus it's already kind of a large group
>"I'll let you know if something opens up, yeah?"
>a semester goes by
>guy announces that he's planning on transferring
>feel bad for excluding him and let him know he can join us for a few sessions
>he's excited and jumps on making his character with enthusiasm
>writes more backstory than anyone else, tries to tie in why his character would want to join up with the already-existing party
>session starts
>he goes full on ham into the roleplaying and bouncing off everybody else's character super excitedly
>the usual group is mostly murderhobo but even they get in on it when they see his enthusiasm
>tfw finals interrupted and I only ever got to run one session for him
>mfw I could have had a player like this all along but he's gone now

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Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned: if you'll pardon my language, father, I just can't stop fudging the fucking dice.
I've been playing with this group of new players since last year and I still have yet to even KO one of their characters. Last session I must have fudged like eight or nine rolls in succession.
>an enemy caster passed a crucial saving throw, I fudged it to fail
>a successful grapple turned into a successful dodge, I ignored the enemy creature's stat bonus and let the character dodge
>a critical hit turned into an outright miss because the player was panicking about his character's health.
They probably would have lost the fight if I hadn't done all that.

I don't even know how the players would handle it, at this point. I'm not certain they know the rules for death saving throws. It's at least my fault for letting them get this far without facing any serious harm, but I know at least one of them is prone to ragequits and I definitely don't want that. They get upset enough if they roll poorly or if they're slowed or grappled or otherwise inconvenienced at all, but if the fights are too easy they also get bored.

It seems like everything I do either bores or irritates them, but they all insist at the end of the sessions that I did a good job. I don't get it. I'm worried that they're only in the game because they assume everyone else is, and recently one of them has started insisting that she's always too busy and that we should just play without her so I'm worried that it's all on the verge of falling apart for real.

Sorry if that was a lot. I needed to get it off my chest. I'm just not sure what to do.

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>tfw no romance subplots in any of my RPGs
>can't introduce them myself because it would be sickening shit like this
>don't have any experience with real romance anyway so it would probably just be shit if it involved me at all
>just want to be able to witness a qt fantasy story romance
I make me sick. Maybe there are books like this I can just read instead.

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>Hasn't traveled to Shandalar
>Soul of Shandalar

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Thus meem needs to go

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No and yes, respectively

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>read article
>'oh, ok, his wife died, he pulled a mini-Pygmalian, journyed around seeing different color mages about ressing her, huh?'
>'pretty neat but whatever'
>read the story

I really did not expect this. It is a very well done short story with very good use of understatement. It feels very real because of how well the writer described just what was relevant. I'm a big nerdy baby for getting choked up by a story as simple as this. I think I'm going to go to bed now and hug a pillow while I go. Thank you for sharing it.

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>Hatoful Boyfriend
I went for the cute library nerd bird. Fuck that ending, man. Shit was not ok.

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