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Based Krieg-chan

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Any idea on what the 7 unique Mechnicus abilities for the homeworlds will be?

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They make a fairly decent Celestine and company. In the IG and Tau section there are several of the /tg/ waifus (pic related), including a schlicktau model based on one of the camwhoring sessions anon did waaaaay back in the day (Greater Good Resting Sniper). The Femme-Cypher is pretty great too. Sadly Inquisitrix Chastity isn't on the list yet.

They come in packs though. Looks pretty fucking sweet on the tabletop.

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>not wanting a Krieg waifu to snuggle with in the trenches while the rain and artillery come pouring down

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Does anyone have the new Sisters of Silence mini-dex?

Can't find it anywere and curious as heck to hear the reasoning they are showing back up all of a sudden.

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I'm just not sure if that model or this pic came first

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Past Stories (Ignore From Krieg with Love)

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>Claiming GW isn't dying

Does anyone even play Age of Shitmar?

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What, seriously, would happen if my character got a Krieg waifu/personal assistant from his Inquisitor like he's going to requesting?

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Then the line will be held for the Emperor, thanks for the answer.

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A VERY long story short, I am now GMing a 40k ERP. Spoilering to prevent offending sensibilities.

Outside of the Dark Eldar, and Slaaneshi cults, as well as general Imperial shenanigans, what other sexiness can the universe provide? So far I have: Hereteks who have figured out how to weaponize sexual energy. Fertility festivals on an Agri world. Slaaneshi infected orks with "Gen'tal squigs", the ever popular slutty eldar, Tau sexual diplomacy "for the greater good" and Tyranid offshoots designed to collect xenos biomaterial in a non-vore fashion. Any degenerates willing to help me find more material in the universe?

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Well their Kriegchans hardly ever take off their gasmasks and trenchcoats, so...

You mean /pol/, what with all the right-wing Japanese nationalism in it.

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They're basically just Imperial Guard right? Just look at Imperial Guard tactics. Also be prepared to spend a ridiculous amount of money on tiny plastic men. Also I think everyone goes through a phase where they find out about the Death Korps and then thing they're super awesome and cool. Don't worry anon it will fade so save your money.

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Krieg-chan a qt.

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Speaking of heresy can we get some more cute Imperial girls up in here? Krieg-chan and Vostroy-chan come to mind.

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The lasgun can fire thousands of shots, has rechargeable cells that can be recharged by stuffing them into a fire, and can line the hands of a trillion guardsmen as fast as they can be recruited. Meltas are efficient, but they can't top that.

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So, TG, how will you die in the grim darkness?

How to play:
>Put in http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/special:random
>Hit enter.
>Prepare yourself for you randomized death.

Let's start with me!

Death by Ork Pirate. Oh joy.

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I was earlier, but they wanted Stormtrooper pictures, not general IG babes.

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Guess it's time for some classic 40k girls then

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