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>destroying the Tarrasque was all part of its plan

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I know this isn't 4E general, but I need to know everything there is to know about the Feydark. EVERYTHING!

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>You all meet in a Tavern
>A Tavern is a terrible creature, part Tarrasque, part Wyvern. It ate a few cities and you are now in a ramshackle city that exists in one of its many stomachs.

This random idea came up several months ago and evolved into a slightly more complex idea with an inner world built ramshackle inside the belly of a city-eater monstrosity.

Would've been an entire campaign set in Jabu Jabu's belly, with cities and structures built inside the creature out of whatever the creature had eaten.

There was talk of acid diving scavengers in piecemeal rubber suits and trading dirt as currency.

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Can someone explain what's so bad about this? I get that the feats are lengthy explanations of rather basic things with tons of obtuse restrictions and requirements, but isn't that what PF is all about? Tons of words translated into tons of math translated into tons of time with combat encounters?

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Pathfinder is poorly designed and terribly executed when they step out of the mold of copy-pasting chunks of 3.5 books?

Who would even believe such a thing!

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Hey /tg/, I was wondering if anyone on here who plays PFS could give me some advice. I haven't had the chance at much tabletop outside of the organized play. The local scene is pretty cool, but there are a few "problem people" involved now. How can I deal with them? They're making the game experience worse for me and other players.

There's the guy who rolls for everything. Seriously, every little fucking thing has to have a d20 roll, a look on the character sheet, another attempt, and if that fails there are three other skill checks to try. Poison? This guy has to make a heal check, a geography check, a sleight of hand check, a profession: sailor check and an enema check before he gives up and pouts about being poisoned.

The rules lawyer. This guy is so fucking anal about every rule, like brightness levels, difficult terrain, cover bonuses, action economy, spell ranges, etc. and has to debate the GM each and every round over just what exactly he can do, I can do, you can do and even what the GM can do.

The fudge guy. This guy never misses, never fails a save or check, always has just enough movement speed, enemies can't touch his AC and he's even got a spare invisibility potion. Got a problem? It's all right here on his character sheet, which no one has the time to fucking proofread, so he'll just be over here doing 6d6 at fifth level with flaming hands.

The "funny" guy. There's the inappropriate "AIDS is le gay XDD back 2 da kitchen girl rape him LULZ" guy, who is insufferable, but there's also the antics guy. This is the guy who goes on and on about how WILD AND ZANY his character is, describes his every reaction, word and action, tells you all about how crazy he is and has to say "No no no, that [ridiculous bullshit] wasn't REALLY in-character! Why are they attacking me?!" His constant expounding really clogs up the game.

I'm really just tired of taking three to four hours for scenarios we should be able to complete in half that time.

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I've been looking into CoC and I think Fen may be a colossal hypocrtical fuckwit! Anyone notice this?

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Remember how everyone cried that 4e was WoW the RPG?.. And now they have to do public beta tests and perform massive patches to make their game playable?

Seriously, what fucking RPG does this sort of shit? Well, a lot of them, actually.. But those games aren't D&D and don't have massive public Betas for their games... and they also have more a game and more material to test than this.. and they are generally done by smaller, private, unpaid teams.. Hmm..

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Just wanted to pop in to sat that I think the D12 is very under appreciated.

No idea how we might better appreciate it, but it's just so rarely used, y'know?

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Come on Terresque

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Sup, /tg/. I'm having a bit of a problem lately with Pathfinder. I shouldn't say _with_ Pathfinder, since I'm fairly certain it's user error. Whenever I design boss-type NPCs, they're always a bit weak, and my players just annihilate them. How can I remedy this without resorting to cheap tactics like number-fudging?

tl;dr: how do I make appropriately leveled boss fights?

Also, epic boss fights in general.
Picture mostly unrelated.

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This is how I pnp pokemon

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This is what I thought of when reading the first one

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not quite the spirit we were going for but fine
Also slowterasque

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I might have a few, nothing fancy though. let me scour the vaults of the SHADOWGALLERY.

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Uh, you know he was referring to the 3e Tarrasque, right? What with him referring to level 9 spells, which aren't a thing in 4e but were in 3e? And also fortitude saves, which aren't a thing in 4e but were in 3e? And also Challenge Rating, which isn't a thing in 4e but you know I think you're probably just stupid, really.

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Hope this doesn't turn monstergirly
also enjoy your slow terask

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Call me slow, but the day has only just begun here. It'll be a tarrasque filled day for me! Which isn't too hard considering how big he is.

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So has the /tg/ booru been down for a while or is it just me?

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