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No. People in certain cultures or areas might - the Irish were well known for being mostly barefoot during the period in which Norman nobles ruled over them, and Pacific island cultures rarely used shoes. You want to know what those two cultures didn't have to deal with? Snakes. Also, even the famously barefoot Irish slapped some shoes on during the winter, because walking through snow barefoot is asking for frostbite.

There's reasons for NPC's or PC's to be barefoot - monks and barbarians are supernaturally tough, druids have that ability which means they're never inconvenienced by any natural hazard, the area is in a warm climate with no burrs or snakes that would threaten to injure bare feet, or the person in question is a young beggar (both too poor, and growing feet make buying shoes a poor investment)

But to answer your question, no. Most adventurers, being constantly roaming and traveling folk, would wear shoes or boots, both to protect their feet from mundane hazards, and because it's a fucking place you can wear a magic item, and thus have more magic at your disposal.

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