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Hey /tg/, how can I find a game store near my area?

What is is like working in one? How are they started up? How can you turn your game store into an awesome one?

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>Carnivorous Sandclams

My first reaction was "now, this is just silly, even for 40k", but... the more I think about it, the more it sounds like a great idea.

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This is going to happen and there's nothing you can do about it[/spoiler

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Rolled 5, 3 = 8

All fear lord Rendcry! He's crying because of he's BS7 with no guns to use.

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A few things:

Is it me, or does the Dark Apostle scream "generic." As in they aren't just a specialty unit of the Word Bearers anymore.

Also, fuck yeah Warpsmiths.

Fuck no for Warp Talons/Megazord. Where the FUCK are the proper raptor feet and heads? The jump packs are acceptable. And the dragon needs a tail for acceptability.

Lastly, I don't think the Aspiring Champion comes with bits and I'm disappointed there are no new CSM troop models like they had in Dark Vengance. Also, where are the cultists?

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Okay. Lets do this:

>humanitys rage created khorne
It did. We can call it dumb or whatever, but like it or not that's where Khorne got his sentience. He did not exist as a chaos god before then. Yes he was hovering on the edge of existence ever since there was blood to be spilled, but humanity's wars were when he became a "god"

>bacteria apeared
>god of life and death , nurgle, apears
Yep. Khorne became a god after Nurgle did. That isn't relevant to Khaine though.

>bacteria evolve and become animals, now they hunt
>god of survival and bloodspilling, khorne, is born
More like the warp is pregnant with him. Again he doesn't become a god until humanity starts warring. He exists in the warp though so time doesn't really matter once they start existing, but the moment and order of their creation is still interesting.

>animals become sapient
Yep. And again he stretched back his influence etc through the warp to before his creation, but this is still "when" he was created.

>old ones corrupt gods and make them as they are now
Silly Old Ones.

>eldars (continuation os first sapient ones) discover heights of pleasure and create slaanesh
Then Slaanesh also extends warp tendrils and influence back through time and space. Because fuck the laws of physics.

Also Eldar are not even close to the first sapient race, but that's not important.

And all through this lots of other gestalt psychic entities are born and die. Many are subsumed by the Big Four as they grow in power or are incorporated into their pantheons as greater daemons.

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Yep I just checked, no idea why but it is auto saging.

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The supply dock lies empty and abandoned. There is a door which appears to lead deeper into the Forge. And Grakgut smells heresy. He speeds through the door, and across the hall. The floor gives way. Grakgut has fallen into a trap.

"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" says a voice nearby.
"Nope! Oi-wait..." Grakgut turns his head, "OI SAW DAT YOO 'AD A TRAP, SO OI WALKED INTA IT TA MAKE YA FINK YOO WUZ CLEVAH!"
"I didn't lay the trap." says the man who appears. A tall man with underwear on his head, riding some sort of beast. Grakgut notes he wields a power klaw in place of an arm.
"Who da zog is dis git?" asks Wurrza.
"I suppose you can call me Darrius." says the man, pointing at the underpants, "Named after me, or maybe the other way? Who knows!"
Darrius does not appear to be all there, a few barrels short of a shoota.
"You're looking for someone, I can tell!" says Darrius, "Don't mind Fluffles, he doesn't bite hard."

Boldo and Fluffles bark and chirp at each other. Profound things were communicated.

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They were on a world that was abandoned after Eldar attacks. Imperium considered it lost and abandoned. And their home is a wretched hive of scum and villainy nobody lawful goes to except Stevus the Arbitrator, but that is for another day.


Also, she was on like Detroit level drugs. Those can do ANYTHING.

>Anything ever happen to that baby juggernaut?

After they discovered that their slaughter across the sector was feeding it? It got armor after an Alpha Legionnaire tricked the party, and then Seneschal decided to ride him around. Fluffles in the meantime couldn't be happier.

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Well, he was an STC (once again, my justification was the Castigator STC). However, this may be a misinterpretation of the fluff.

Just like Fluffles.

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"The slaaneshi whore sent you, didn't she?"
"Yes, she did." says the Seneschal.
"What's a Slaanesh?" asks the Rogue Trader.
"Then she has sent you to kill me."
"She did." states the Seneschal.
"She promised you something."
"Yes. A Gellar Field." says the Rogue Trader.
"She has played you for a fool."
"I don't suppose you have an alternative."
"I have no gellar field. But the Slaaneshi whore probably does. She uses daemons extensively - she may even have yours."
"I figured as much. It seemed too convenient." says the Seneschal.
"Will you help us?" asks the Rogue Trader.
"My brothers will know when to strike. The whore will be your problem."
"...how do we know we can trust you?" asks the Rogue Trader.

Suddenly, through the darkness, there is a clanging, getting progressively louder. A blur of red shoots past the party, hits the Seneschal and tackles him to the ground. Then starts slobbering all over his face.

"It is rare to find one who can tame a Juggernaut. But rarer still to find one without its armor. My warsmith resolved that problem for you. The Slaaneshi whore is your problem. We will know when to strike."

The blue-armored Astartes fades into the shadows.

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The seneschal bought a Caged Songbird from ItS, the one that can detect warp intrusions and gellar field failures.

He named it Squawkers, and promoted it and Fluffles upon them warning the party of a daemon on the ship.

While Lt. Squawkers is content to sit around and keep watch, Hall Monitor Fluffles displayed his joy of being promoted by gnawing on the Voidmaster's Apprentice.

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After Storytime.
A warp beast is tossed out, and then a flash of flesh and machine is upon it. Blood and warp essence is flung everywhere. Then it stops. Glowing eyes see the Seneschal. Fluffles grabs the warp beast, drops it at the Seneschal's feet, and begins panting.

"GOOD BOY!" says the seneschal as he feeds Fluffles some grox jerky.

Fluffles then starts vomiting. The first thing out is a skull.
"Uh oh." says the Explorator.
The skull's eyes glow blue, and then it hovers to the Voidmaster.
"It is good to see you again, my Princeps."
"Oh thank the God Emperor you're here!"
"Indeed. I destroyed many of the beings that were on the ship in your name, until your Technical Specialist Uzgob stated that 'the panzees was our boyz.' However, your Hall Monitor Fluffles felt it prudent to bring you ammunition and other vital supplies."

Fluffles vomits up a small pile of ammunition.

"We would have gotten here sooner, but when Hall Monitor Fluffles jumped from the Windu's Saber to Studio 69, he missed. We needed to let gravity take us."

"That's our Fluffles!" Exclaimed the Seneschal.

"Well! For one to master a Juggernaut of Khorne and not fall to chaos must take incredible will! It seems you may not need to take the tests after all!" said Illiana.

"Yeah, that." said the Seneschal.

"It needs to go. NOW." said Khodexus. Fluffles and Asterales Lux bumble off.

"Well, we're ready to go." said the Explorator.

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I'll give the short version

>Daemon attack, gellar field broke
>land on nearby planet to find parts
>meet woman
"Hey can you kill this guy for me?"
Rogue Trader: OKAY
>go to guy's place
>meet guy
>he's spess mehreen
"She's using you, you tool. You should go kill her."
Rogue Trader: Why should we trust you?
"We armored your juggernaut."
Rogue Trader: OKAY
>go back to whore
>fight, recover parts from gellar field
>go outside
>titan rockoff (Slaaneshi Subjugator w/ Blastmaster vs Warlord Titan w/ Aquila Pattern Axe, Gibson Les Paul style)
>leave world
"You've fixed a huge problem for me. Thanks. Death to the enemies of the false emperor."
Rogue Trader: What a pleasant fellow.

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Not in this campaign, nor probably the next (Knight Errant guy and I were discussing a possible trip to Lustria, but it's still up in the air). When we end up doing an Evil campaign (I'm the 1,500 pt WoC guy from earlier) a Chaos Dwarf would be more than welcome. We'd need an armourer, after all

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At least she draws well.. pic not related though, not one of hers.

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I'm out of Inq-like people now.

I have more space marines, chaos, more xeno scum, ships/planets/cities, sisters of battle and random IG/human pictures.

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Hello /tg/. I was hoping you can help me.
I plan on using Archemedies Noxt, the mutant bad guy from Creatures Anathema, in my next DH game. Problem is, the way he's presented in the book makes him underpowered for a group of 4 rank 3 acolytes. I was wondering if you can help me spruce him up, and make tahat fght one worthy to remeber.

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well the guardsmen did pretty good he so far has been the only one to take down my army it was how you saay? khorny :)

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Hmm...I was sure I had some but I can't seem to find them.

Here's a Jugger Puppy while you wait though.

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Yeah, in the chaos warriors army book, the only actual demons you can field (besides mounts, familiars, etc.) are the demon princes.

Which I'm sure is not what you're asking. They can be allies, if you have a friend who plays them and you want to team up, but sadly I can't put a unit of bloodcrushers with my army.

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