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has there ever been any event with a similar situation like this?
like someone ordered 20 fleas to bumrush a dire wolf?

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Yncarne is shit against him, even fighting twice he does a measly 4 wounds.

On the flip end, morty does deal about 10 wounds with heavy scythe mode, so he'll kill him in one turn. Poor luck, as far as I see the best route is to spray him to death with Fire Dragons.

30 Fire Dragons will do the trick (or 20 and one Squad soulbursts), hell 10 with an autarch+warlock can pop him off if they soulburst with doom. Not bad at all

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It's all about the melta bra

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I think you guys are forgetting one important thing.

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>playing 40k 5th edition as Eldar
>Drop off a small 5-man squad of fire dragons in the middle of an open field behind an enemy tank
>Complete suicide mission, but that tank is worth twice the points they are
>They blow it up with ease, mission accomplished.
>Enemy's turn: Fires a huge barrage of fragmentation missiles at them.
>Four men fall. One man stands.
>A small squad of infantry opens fire at him.
>Hits him thrice
>He keeps standing.
>Enemy can't spare anything else to shoot at him.
>My turn again.
>He drags himself over towards the next enemy vehicle (Razorback or somthing). It's at the very edge of his range and he's got one shot.
>'Vehicle Explodes'
>Next turn my opponent fired a full salvo of anti-vehicle missiles at him just to be sure.

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>Obviously that kind of mentality won't work with Eldar
Clearly you don't know Autarchs.

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I swear if you guys haven't beaten me to this one.

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a personal favorite

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Hey, no problem. Glad I could help.

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>Fuegan teaches Vulkan the deadly and precise art of rolling out next to something armored and firing wildly with your melta weapons

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What special rule does Fire Dragons have?

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Each one? I suspected that would make the gun rather unwieldy, wouldn't it? But if it doesn't, I suppose I'd go with mini-melta and scope for the bolt rifle. And the recon drone for deployable.

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>our game will be a realistic representation of military strategy.
Ugh. Please, no. It's 40k, it shouldn't do that.

pic related.

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It solves problems.

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yeah, i kinda derped there

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On Meltaguns.

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Dude. Meltagun.

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Our special weapons need to be meltas, just to recreate pic related.

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Swooping hawks with a price decrease and an option for a bit of anti infantry punch is very high on that iceburg too.

Hell everything needs a point decrease.

(Had to post this pic, NOW its an official Eldar thread.)

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