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So I'm organizing my chaos army list and wanted some opinions. I've only played like 3 games so far, so I'm not quite sure what I should be adding and taking away. This is for a 1850 game as well.

Army list general I suppose

Chaos Lord = 100
Murdersword, MoS,
Daemon Prince = 230
Black Mace, Wings,

10 Noise Marines = 160
2 blastmasters, melta bombs, IoE
10 Noise Marines
2 blastmasters, melta bombs, IoE
10 Noise Marines
2 blastmasters, melta bombs, IoE
10 Noise Marines
2 blastmasters, melta bombs, IoE

Predator tank = 145
Lascannon, lascannon sponsons
Forgefiend = 200
Extra ectoplasm cannon
5 Havocs = 190
missiles launchers + flakk, MoN

5 Terminators = 252
2 Powerfist, 2 chainfist, lighting claws, Reaper autocannon, mark tzeentch,

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I cast a quickened unnatural lust followed by a permanency spell. Then I'll just take off my pants and wait

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>And that's how AIDS came to be

Though seriously, the Slaaneshis would be most fun.

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>mfw when me and my boyfriend play it
Loser bottoms.

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My advice on going chaos is to go full pic related.

I'm such a list with jumplord w/ claw + raptor retinue, sorc on bike + bikers retinue plus cultists and a TL Lascan pred.
Everyone that can take Mark of Slaanesh & meltabombs have 'em and the sorc is slinging off slaaneshii and pyromancy powers. I know I need more anti-tank but i'm getting there slowly but surely. I'm gonna get me some Noise Marines as troops to move up from the squishy cultists

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>Be little me
>Painting Daemonettes in store, enjoying myself, store worker helping
>little bro sees them
>"Anon what're those?"
>looks absolutly amazed
>"Miniatures for my game."
>"Can I have one?"
>Might as well be nice for once in my life
>give him the dry one, looks really nice because of store guy
>Be modern day
>Helping little bro with his computer
>mfw when he has a ton of Demonette porn.
Did I do this /tg/? Also, family and tabletop games thread?

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>this is what imperium actually believes
Does Imperium even true love?

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He does.

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>Like extreme utilitarians or hedonists, the Cult of Rakdos are a guild that places a premium on personal pleasure, or "fun", even if it cruelly causes pain and suffering to others and themselves.[3] Some of the crueler, more evil, and more sadistic members of the Cult directly and intentionally inflict pain on others.[4] Other than being a guild of miscreants, the Cult of Rakdos does have a civic function in Ravnican society per the Guildpact; some members work as manual laborers and even slaves.

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Silly /tg/, you're not corrupted enough for that!
captcha: orkstann each
Suck each ork Stan's dicks first!

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Like I've said in>>21997598
Hell isn't what it used to be. So unless you're a uncontrollable horrible person you'll be fine. If however, you're a controllable horrible person, welcome to the demonhood!

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Well, an easy way out is a bottle of perfume that boosts charisma/charisma equivalent stat.
But also makes the wearer of this perfume become enticed by themselves, and they develop a great ego, caring about nothing but how beautiful they are.

For Tzeentch, the helmet idea is nice, but what if instead, the Helmet allows you to see peoples true intentions, but also gives you visions that encourages you to betray and plot to stabbing them in the back.

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>The idea of not even being able to move forward is kinda bullshit...
Yup, I know what you mean.

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>+1 Slaanesh when (blah blah) better
tasting meals.
mfw I am a chef and I love it.

>+1 Slaanesh every time you postpone work you need to do to divulge in a personal pleasure
mfw I dropped out of uni after two years because I spent all my time smoking weed.

>+1 Slaanesh every time you've masturbated
...nuff said

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New plastic daemons are available to preorder on GWs website, large clear pics now available. Opinions?

Chariots are great, old flamers were better, plaguebearers and nurglings are great, and screamers look retarded.

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>Trying to decide between Tau/Chaos/SoB for first army
>See this
>Throw all my dollars at the monitor
>Everything is in euro's
Damn, gonna have to google a currency converter for this to see how much this gonna cost me

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Go ahead and put it in your name field and I'll add you on Skype.



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A chaos space marine champion with a power fist may use a bolter as normal correct? Along with that does the banner bearer have to use his bolt pistol?

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Don't even think about giving him my job...

> Imagination, here
(I'm kind of hooked on this idea of the egos having different sides to *themselves*, would Perversion and Lust be two sides of the same coin, hehe, complete with him/her gender issues, only *lending* to "notion we might be bi's fantasies, assuming it's not another piece of the puzzle itself. And what about Imagination, would Creativity be an alter ego of his?)

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Chaos Thread
Why aren't YOU fighting for chaos?

Slaandesh cleric reporting in, Sure it's not ALL sex, and cocaine but to be frank, Hate/war, Knowledge/lies, Sickness/despair seem like a LOT of work

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