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Spess Mehreen player characters

>Single Guardsman, murdering an entire invasion

This was an awesome mental image, but not nearly as what it immediately made me think; Serious Sam as a guardsman in the Emprah's army.

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OW group, players are from a WW2 Wehrmact inspired regiment and at pretty high xp level.

>Ogryn: Swings around an eviscerator and an intimidate score that would scare a Chaos Space Marine. Also, has almost as many cybernetic parts as the Enginseer. Which makes him even more terrifying.
>Squad Leader: Autistic demo-expert turned tactical genious and squad leader. Has more skills than the rest of the party combined and his Creed levels of tactical genious has saved their ass more than once.
>Heavy weapons guy: Likes shouting, hitting people with his swagger stick and being a drillsergeant. Has a almost sexual relationship to his autocannon and is the angriest motherfucker to walk the earth.
>Techpriest: Techsavant turned Secutor that recently got his hands on a suit of power armor through connections. Thinks himself to be some form of Mechanicus Kane and wants to Peace through Power. In truth, all he does is automatically succeed at Tech-Use and call them barbarians under his breath while building bigger weapons.
>Comrades: Consists of a wisecracking cyborg vox-operator, a superstitious as shit medic and overly religious grunt

Through a hilarious incedent where the Squad leader went "Where the Inquisition at?" all over base they now work for the Inquisition as a Special Ops unit being groomed for fulltime Inquisitorial service in the warzone they are deployed. The group is completely oblivious to that fact.

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An example of this system:

The first scenario in the Armageddon Warzone is the defence of a railroad through which civilians are being evacuated. The map comprises a length of this railroad with several small IG checkpoints along it. Every few minutes, a train screams down the rails on its way out. Every time a train passes, you get a number of tickets added to each checkpoint, each ticket being equal to one Guardsman.

Every ten to twenty minutes, the checkpoints also receive special or heavy weapons.

While this is going on, foot-slogging orks charge in from behind the dunes. They move fast, firing huge weapons that can kill you in one hit, but true to orks they are horrible shooters. At first, Guardsmen dispatch them easily by shooting accurately when they are far away.

The problem comes twenty minutes later. At that point, a limited number of players who have the highest score (because they killed the most orks, planted mines taken from the checkpoint or built defences like sandbags and razor wire) are automatically promoted to various ranks, such as sergeants, quartermasters, etc... each class with a given special ability (quartermasters, for example, can put in requests for extra special or heavy weapons).

After their promotion, orks start arriving in huge numbers, riding trukks.

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It's my understanding the life of an Imperial Guardsman is completely miserable and consists mainly of traveling by star ship from one miserable hell hole of a planet to another until death.

What happens to the miraculously fortunate Guardsman who, against the overwhelming odds, manages to survive long enough until he is of an age where he is no longer of use to the Imperium? Does he retire with generous benefits? Does he return to his home world? Or is he discarded by society and forgotten, not fitting the image the glorious Imperium?

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Have you not seen this or am I just late?

Introducing the first playable race...

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It is the year 42k and the Imperium has become, well, strained. To alleviate resources it had been forced to become laxed in its internal affairs. Only outright conspiracy against the Imperium and complacency with the Archenemy is enforced against.

This doesn't result in everyone rejoicing under new found freedoms. No, this is still the grimdark future and their is still war and strife to be had. What new ways may humanity be found to suffer? What new opportunities would at least arise?

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Where we're going we don't need eyes...
The warp...

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That's what I've written down, I'm sure I've missed a few things, and I have a lot more detail to add, but I want to see what /tg/ thinks of what I have.

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the feds would be fucked planet side, with Imperium whose forces are many, and many types.

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rolled 92 = 92

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Sup /tg/

A friend of mine put an idea in my head, that I can't quite get out. He's been playing 40k practically since it came out, and has seen it go through all the changes. The one thing he always seems to talk about is how the game would be much better and a lot more balanced if GW used the guard as the baseline rather than balancing everything against the space marines like they always have done.

What do you, my fellow fa/tg/uys, think of this idea, and what do you think it would look like? How would it play? Would it be better, like my friend thinks, or would it be worse?

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No, thats the highest ranking member of the Imperial Guard.

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Pretty sure this counts as "Cadian"

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96th Cadian standy by!

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That's what grey knights are for, my very heretical friend.

We also have plenty more tanks where that came from. Point enough dakka at them and they will die...eventually.

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