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>This game will never get an expansion.

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>Mfw I can never play these games because I don't want Origin on my computer.
>MFW there will never be another BF2142

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I was just going to use Pathfinder to introduce some people to the tabletop RPG hobby...

Is that so bad?

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Hey /teej/, I wanted a quick bit of advice on something;

How do I get my players to talk / interact with each other rather than simply move from event to event without a word, only speaking to important NPCs? It seems the only time my players talk amongst themselves is when they bicker / argue about a plan or some other irrelevant bullshit that takes forever and seriously cuts down actual play time.

After all, how will they ever build their characters personalities by bouncing off of each other without me forcing them to talk?

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My current sin?

Every time. EVERY time I try to GM a light hearted setting of any sort, where the heroes save the day, save the princess, save the whatever...

It slowly twists into something grim, and dark, and I find myself looking longingly at Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader and crying quietly to myself.

Why don't you guys let me run that instead? Please?..

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how... how do game designers do it?
how to good GMs do it?

Every time I run I game, even if I don't start with ideas of grandeur, I always end up fucking the continuity of the world up so hard it's laughable.
My campaigs don't last more than 10 sessions.

Do the players even give a shit about continuity?

please help me /tg/
I always try to do something entertaining, and it never works...

I have an idea for a grand campaign spanning several gaming groups working together, Trokair/Head of Vecna style, but none of my ideas seem to work in my head. Nothing makes sense.

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I think I've hit rock bottom /tg/.

In an effort to make some actual friends, I signed up to a RPG group in my area, and agreed to attend a CoC campaign that was just starting out.

This is the first RPG I'd ever attended. I've played a few games online, and I love reading the lore, making up characters, and making campaigns up for a variety of different settings. How hard could it be, then, to apply that to a real life campaign?

So I rolled up my character idea - an elderly clergyman who was a budding amateur, biblical archaeologist - and went out to the pub they were hosting the group at.

This was also the first time I've ever been in a pub. I was terrified. It was 8pm, lots of young people drinking, very loud. When I actually met with the group, they were all laid back, good looking students, very outgoing and confident.

Well, it went badly. I'm not used to speaking loudly, so they often asked me to speak up. I stuttered a few times, mumbled into silence, and was, at the end, at the point of passing out from anxiety. To top it all off, some drunk guy spilled some of his beer on my jacket, and I refused to say anything about it, even though the rest of the group noticed.

Overall, it was easily in the top 10 worst experiences of my life. I made excuses to the DM a couple of days later, saying that I just been inundated with work to do for my course - a lie - in order to get out of it.

So, /tg/, its back to reading sourcebooks and crying myself to sleep. I wanted to change my ways, I tried by taking what I thought would be a gentle step, and I messed it up. I can't even feel comfortable around friendly, non threatening people.

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A job.

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Salaam my friend, whoever you were.

Your words moved me.

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No, seriously.

Is there anything else that looks like this?

Also I felt a little depressed and that image lifted my spirits somehow.

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Never thought of it that way.

Now I feel like shit.

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