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I am in the middle of many games, but I will talk about the forgotten realms game for now.

After we switched over from 3.5 to pathfinder, I and a friend finally got the opportunity we had been looking for. The opportunity to create Saxton Savage and Hale Hogan, dwarven wrestlers extraordinaire. Think wrestling from the 80's. But with dwarves.

From the beginning:

As is the custom these days, we are playing fledgeling members of the Adventurers guild, the most powerful organization from Westgate to Mulmaster. Even if we are tehnically banned from starting any base of operations on Hillsfar territory these days.

Anyhow, our first job for the guild was to explore some orcish ruins that had been recently discovered in the middle of a forest who knows where. Once we arrive there and manage to break in through the front gates, we find 2 statues next to a staircase. As we apporoach them, they spring to life and step in front of the staircase, blocking our path. This does not sit well with a half orc in the party who starts hurling abuse at the statues in the orcish tongue. To our surprise the statues step down and let us pass.

I must point out that at this point I am still playing a sorcerer who is carrying around a 2 handed sword. (No proficiency to use it, just there to look cool. had to find some use for a str score of 18. )

Downstairs we find some mummies, and a combat ensues. In the midst of all the shambling and moaning our cleric manages to contract a severe case of mummy clap, and we retreat from the caves for the night. This was the end of first session.

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And so it came to this. Our last attack has failed, and our ship is stuck on this damned mountain.
We have seen a lot together, and there was still so much to see. But the time has come. A hasty goodbye to my friends and a final tear filled embrace with my love.

As they hurry to the safety of our ship I sigh and take a drink from my bottle one last time time before activating my final charm.

While I have the time I look down from the mountain. Our enemies are a screaming sea of shadows and demons, fiends and anathema.

As I hear the cabin door slamming shut above me, a circle of fire starts rapidly expanding from my body. For a moment there is silence, and then a deafening roar as the elemental dragon of fire tears through the earth before incinerating me and every other living being out in the open for miles around.

As the tortured earth spills lava into the air and darkens the sky with smoke, my companions shall sail down the burned remains of our enemies.

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>>implying uncle ruckus couldn't be a cleric of Talos

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>Rhodock, I always imagine as late-ish medieval italy,
Game set approx in 13th century.
Nigga, wat?

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Looks like a job for Freddie.

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This is your bard.

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