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>Go to http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page
>click random article
>that is what will kill you in the 40k universe.

(in the event that you get a location, hit random again and that will be where you die plus what kills you)

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Clear projection of liquid here, too.

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>Points out the only unhealthy option presented
>ignores healthy alternatives of portion control/ingredients

I'm not poor but half these elegan/tg/entlemen are. Just giving some healthy alternatives that won't rape their wallets (so they can buy their overpriced as fuck terminators) and won't give them cardiac arrest.

Cottage Cheese Bowels
If you like the taste of cottage cheese, mix it up by slicing apples (buying sliced pineapples) or other fruit in a bowel with a dabble of cottage cheese on top. Usually isn't too expensive and it can really fill you up.

A dozen eggs costs 2 bucks tops. Give an onion, a green pepper, and soem spices and you can feed 4 people pretty easy. Toast some bread and get a half gallon of milk and that's about 8 bucks to feed 4 people without your taste buds suffering.

Think outside the box, stay away from prepackaged, and hit those flyers/visit farmers markets.

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Whats best, Hellhounds of Banewolves?

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If the Imperium of Man can kill all life on a planet through an exterminatus, why don't they just do that to every planet that they don't already control?

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its been a bad century with the nid invasion the Ultrasmurfs just need bodies in armor
see he understands

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Reloading. back in 15 fellow guardsmen, hold the line.

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Tell me of your victories while playing guard. I want to hear of the greatness of the hammer of the imperium. I will start off with a few pics.

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Guys where the hell do I get plasticard from? What is plasticard actually called? I live in Australia also so I dont have any wall marts or anything.

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I have 80 points left in my Imperial Guard list, do I take a Hellhound or a Primaris Psyker?

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i would like a hell hound to cleanse the land of heresy and to tell slow drives to fuck off. and if you can some death korps bros. that is all

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Here, I'll post some.

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Heya /tg/, I need some help. I'm thinking of participating in an Escalation League starting next Saturday, and I need a really good 750 point list for Warhammer 40K!

I have Imperial Guard, Blood Angels, Daemonhunters, and regular Space Marines. The only restriction is the normal rules and that no vehicle can be above AV12.

Anyone have a particularly brutal list at that point cost? Thanks!

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The second game was against Nids, same Titan Legion list as before.

Things went... poorly.

Firstly all, it's next to impossible to break a Nid formation since brood creatures don't generate blast markers, so it's difficult to push their formations back, which you WANT to do because secondly, nids are RAPE in close combat.

Plus they can usually recoup their losses in the next turn or so.

A Harridan managed to kill a Warhound without breaking a sweat in close combat, and survived both of their return attacks with only one damage.

ALL instances of Titan Vs Nid assaults ended in OM NOM NOM before I even got to the firefight rolls.

By turn three I had 1 warhound titan left, both the Reaver and Warlord (both of whom had been undamaged at the start of the turn) had been killed in a single turn of close combat.

I think, with hindsight that a dedicated Titan list is a bad match for nids, you need dug in infantry in ruins and buildings to survive.

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