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Continuing this thought...

A "mid-hive inn" in Warhammer 40k is quite a different thing from a tavern in some generic fantasy RPG.

In the midhive, it's likely to be crowded with low-level adepts, factory overseers, and off-duty local law enforcement. It's a sweaty, rank place. The stools are iron, worn smooth, with a long-since effaced decorative pattern around the rim. The alcohol is cheap and smells like industrial solvents, but the patrons don't care. They're here to blot out the pain of their untreated sores, or unfulfilled dreams, or the sheer grinding toil of their labour.

Eight hours at the manufactorum, an hour for prayer and contemplation, and then six hours at the machines again. An hour to walk the few kilometres to your hab. An hour to walk to the manufactorum in the morning. A few hours of rest, snatched on a filthy bunk you share with a worker who leaves minutes before you return home. A prayer icon in the corner.

This is the Imperium of Man. This is the setting that is grinding around your players, like the workings of a vast, insane, and corroded clock. Never let them forget it.

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At some point I made some calculations based on images from Malleus.dk (pic related).
It turned out that given the populations stated for Calixis planets, hive cities can be fucking tiny compared with the entirety of the planet's surface. What you're describing could be Scintilla, and that's the most populous planet around.
Just pointing that out.

Maybe you can draw something from what I'm going for in my campaign:
the Cell isn't being run by an Inquisitor at all, and is instead being tossed around between a Sensei and the Illuminati hunting him. That's not to say the Cell doesn't anyway think they're part of the Inquisition, and further down the campaign the Inquisitor they think they're working for is going to discover them, but not before being declared Excommunicate Tratoris, a result of previous Illuminati manipulations. At that point, a probably confused Cell will find itself being shanghi'd into the service of an even more confused, and very angry, excommunicated Inquisitor- the same one they thought they were serving up to then.

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Allright Age of apostasy it is
1: Ascending

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