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Dude... stop. I'm telling this to you now, as a friend, don't do this. There is no happy ending here. Either you break down half-way through, or you push to the end and warp yourself somehow.

Look man. We've all been hard up for a group before. We've all needed a game group. That's part of being a DM. But you hold fast through the barren times, through the lonely nights where you wonder why you do it. But I'll tell you why; for them.

You hold out because you know they're out there; players. Some of them are good, some of them are bad. But as each one comes, you make a new connection with someone, something longer lasting. You enter someone else's world and they, yours'. You see horizons that you couldn't even begin to imagine. And when it's all over, when you've said your final goodbyes, you hope that you did something great.

Don't play by yourself. Your in hard times, and you deserve more. It's our game, just as much as theirs'.

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Well... from a technical standpoint, the summoner.

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You can't spell Necromancer without Romance.

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