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Requesting a reaction pic of Rabbit princess,Hare , Bunny colony kid and jackalope doing the same thing as pic related

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>and goddamn is that a stupid plot.

Its actually my favorite of the movies. When I watched it the first time, it was too spoopy, and the slow pacing really ramped up the suspense for me. But I was a kid, and thats probably why I liked it so much - it creeped me out.

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Did your player miss the fact that, without its flashback suppressor, it literally blinds you to sickness when you fire it? Or the fact that it requires so much power to fire, that you'd have to carry around a backpack power core, just to fire it more than once? Thats assuming a backpack is big enough just to let it fire more than twice


I once made a Blaster Carbine into a pistol for a signature character I played. It was my attempt at BIG IRON

Theres a mod for rifles\carbines that cuts the barrel
Add to that Pistol Grip and Filed Sights
Then put mods on it that increase its damage output

It got a few negatives to fire, and consequently I rarely hit anything with it (I was a Pilot\Smuggler after all), but when it did hit, it cranked out some damage

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Is that a fucking Cassowary?

Fuck you DM


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With a little robot hand wiping away all the blood after they're done cutting you up?

Yeah I imagine it would be.

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>play pathfinder with an online group
>DM takes 50 minutes to type one paragraph
>another player takes 15 minutes to type one sentence
>our faces when we actually see a reply on screen

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