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Games you've played:DnD 3.5 and 4th, Rogue Trader, Dark heresy, KAMB, AFMBE, nWoD, 40k.
Games you want to play: possibly Warhammer fantasy, choosing between Ogres and Skaven. DeadLands, and when it comes out DeathWatch.
Games you DM/GM: see the games i've played with the exception of AFMBE and nWoD.

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Damnit /tg/ hivemind!

I've been planning to do something similar to the OP.

British East Indies, but instead of a straight RT game I'm doing a hybrid with DH and RT.

Basically hitting the DH classes and power scale and stealing the RT acquisition rules.

Centering it around the Praetorian guard, or at least them with the numbers filed off.

Pic related.

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An artist's name on the original pic is fine too.

Bumping with Space Englishmen.

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The plan works less than perfectly As steve strikes up a conversation with the closest sister, he realizes he has fallen in love with her. Conscript misses his shot, like conscripts always do, shooting crazy in the calf, he starts to flip out all bat shit nuts. Poor conscript lays on the ground crying, as crazy gets beaten and shot to a pulp by the sister, trying to expel the demons. Steve stands dazed at what just happened.

If only bruce were here.

But for now he is our finding women of his own. Xenos women.

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Melee Imperial Guard

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