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Okay. This is an idea I've had for a while now.

I want to have a single "Cultist" unit which i think could simplify their use. This is a template that GW used to use a lot and can be used across the board for different things.

Okay. The idea is this. A single Cultist unit which performs rather generically. They are essentially a huge unit of Guardsmen or conscripts except have a limited selection of Heavy and Special weapons and the ability to wield Pistol/CCWs. Also you could replace a Heavy Weapon with possibly an Evicorator/Powerfist option.

Being cheap I think they would operate under a similar command structure of Guardsmen Platoons except not exactly. They would essentally be able to field more than 1 squad per Troop Selection (as they are dirt cheap I think it would help) and they can have a leader attachment which is a 5 man Marine squad which acts much like a Guard Platoon Commander. They could enhance the squads with powers and you could replace the Sergent with a Sorcerer who has buff spells.

You give them marks obviously but instead of just booting a stat, they enhance the squad totally.

Mark of Nurgle gives them FNP, +1T and, Slow and Purposeful. This basically makes them plague zombies.

Mark of Khorne gives them Furious Charge, +1A and Counter Charge.

Mark of Tzeentch lets them become something similar to a Guard Psyker Squad. Different abilities I think but a similar idea.

Mark of Slaanesh I haven't totally figured out yet.
I am thinking FNP and Fleet but I prefer something that would make them legitimately better and more unique.

On top of this, I think if the unit all had the same marks, they could have an attachment of Daemons from Codex Daemons with the same mark that they could summon. These attachments wouldn't be part of the FOC.

What do you think? Any Good? I like the idea but I've thought about it quite a bit.

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