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Its a good pain!

Spoken like a true follower of the prince of excess!

Add a few dozen vibrators, and it'll be great!

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Its 2 am, and I am drinking and smoking a hookah.I have a gig tonight with a middle eastern dance company who are hosting a hafla. Im going to dance on hot coals, eat and spit fire, and let a beautiful woman chop a melon off my neck with a scimitar.

After that, said woman and I are going to imbibe in more booze and I'll put my pierced bits in her pierced bits.

Hail to Shornaal, the scented wind.

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'Death World' was pretty good, it was a 1 off book and I didnt mind it.

A group of jungle fighters on a death world jungle that is sentient and the world starts to react to their presence, oh.....and they *really* want to frag the commissar who is totally asking for it.

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...yeah, thats it...

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Have some more 'nette's

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Can anyone translate "Sanity Is For The Weak" into Latin for me? Or fix my attempted translation.

It's for a Daemon Prince I've been painting up.
"SANITAS EST INFIRMUS" is all i've got so more... but i think that may be more like "SANITY IS WEAK"

So yeah... it's the "for The" aspect I'm finding hard to nail down. Google has not been my friend in this matter.

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Seagull here, would like to know if you could draw that sort of scene for us, even if it's not exactly /tg/ related? It would be very nice of you!

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That's the strangest thing I've ever heard.

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