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The google is weak with this one

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>My face when the example combat

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A philosophy to live by
>Related searches on google images was Griffith
I lol'd
Stop teasing me, give me a name. I saw a hot brown grill anal video once, but I never found it again

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Yeah but he wouldn't be "lawful good", pic related is "lawful", because he "MUST" rape. He doesn't state what the consequences of not raping are, but it's probably dire.

And pic related is presumably successful at it too - Watkins doubles down on the problem by merely ATTEMPTING to rape a baby, so even if he was a lawful good rapist, he'll have fallen or something when the evil wizard baby stopped him from raping him and fought watkins off, presumably with a barrage of magic missiles.

Though it was stupid of a bard to try to take on a wizard baby, he should have known better really.

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I still get to fuck the Targaryen Queen right?

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Rape your players and ask them if they still like rape so much.

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Now I'm imagining an Dark Eldar head shooped over this pic saying "wherever I am, I must also troll."

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So stat up some Feral World based on African tribesmen.
Actually I think that'd make a cool IG regiment. That or the Congo in space.

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>this entire thread

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You are a noble paladin who is also a former rapist for hire. One day you come across one of your former rape victims, yet she does not recognize you. What do you do? What do you say? Pic obviously related, it's what I say were she to find out.

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Your character. Only yours is white.

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Are you implying that all our ancestors got raped by niggers at one point?

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>hiding 37 cards about your person before getting caught

So... are your friends drunk and/or blind?

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Use this line.

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The Hrud ages you by being in the general vicinity.
They're still rapin' it.
Maybe I'll make a new regiment of Guardsmen for this, the 1st Congolian.

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This is how I paladin.

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>/tg/ doesn't play Cthulhutech, they just complain about it and rape
to be fair most of the time /tg/ is raping someone or something and complaining too so nothing new there

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Where ever I go, I must also bring joy.

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>Not a single one keeps trigger discipline.
>Just 3 mags in jungle style
>Only one of them is disguised as a bride to confuse bullets
1/10 would not maim and rape with them.

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Rip and tear, burn and pillage?

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