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>>fake guns are welcome too
Alright here you go then

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Player or Host
>System(s) of choice
rogue trader, nwod, 3.5 (would need to brush up)
>Preferred method of play
rolz.org/roll 20
>Timezone and Availability
CST most days after 4:30
>Contact information
Strumisgod (skype)
>Text or Speech

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Primitive screwheads need to step-up to my level

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am i tacticool yet gais

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sorry, i was asking if it counted as a war crime and i think it came out wrong
have this in return

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Same principle, and there aren't any videos of Obrez'd PTRSes online, so I put the video up to give a basic idea.

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I got your handgun, but your rifle's the size of a flak gun. So just look up a Flak 88 and give your player that.

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This looks like it might fit, it even has a skull on it.

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