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But I don't LIKE painting. Painting is for queers. I just want to play the game.

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>male sirens

Are you fucking for real

What the fuck is WRONG with you WotC


What's next? Succubus (male)?

That's it, that's fucking it, I'm not buying one single box of this bullshit garbage ruined set.

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This. I tried to houserule some stuff in 7E that I didn't like and Tom Kirby kicked in my door and beat me with a tube sock full of onions. Warhammer can only be changed by a new edition, since it has salt as a casting reagent.

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>DM's girlfriend is in the game
>DM's boyfriend is in the game

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What the fuck are those prices listed there? One dollar Atraxa? Last time I checked she was a $20 card.

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>7 mana planeswalker
>plus ability gives a single creature -1/-1
>minus ability doesn't do anything when she's played

This bitch had better start with 20 loyalty or something because that's beyond pathetic.

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>"hey anon join the 5eg discord, it's not so bad"
>check it out
>mfw the general chat

It's literally 5eg except everyone DM-anon is a tripfag flaunting their perception of what an ideal DM is about.

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>Playing in pseudo-mideval era homebrew
>Proposes Renaissance era idea
>Gets butt mad when it gets shot down
>Will never live out his Rommel fantasy in 700s era Europe.

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I see the terrorists have already won.

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My favorite part about Roose, the part that made him human and someone who can be identified with as opposed to a monster was his conversation with Reek and referred to him as Lord Greyjoy. Not that part, but during that speech when he divulges how Roose killed his legitimate son who wasn't a monster and would've been a fine leader. The legacy of his house is paramount. His bastard has a sadistic streak, but Roose seems more pragmatic.

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>yfw a generic Necron Lord is as tall as a Primarch

Why is the thought of gigantic humanoids terrifying?

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>[x] It's for Ice, and it's important to use this while we can. I'm in.
I mean, it can't be any worse than the trip to see Putin, right?
>mfw more Youngspawn
>mfw we met the mild-mannered one

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>Magic dick missles

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You're scaring me, internet. I'm just as weird as the next guy... but duderape....

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>tfw you will never be part of House Redoran and fight alongside the resurrected Emperor Crab Ald'skar against invading Daedric hordes.

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>That feel... When you are old...

>You don't feel old... but people thinking that it's old.. makes you feel old.

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I just realized that all my studies account for in me putting ranks in Profession.

This sucks.

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>>Has a SoB army that's painted bright pink with pink guardsmen allies (he said his SoB bought a regiment)
The fucking indignity. Those poor enlistedmen.

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Oh my fucking god, this better get funded. I want this shit to be real. I would buy the fuck out of these when I actually have money.

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>Bannng Kaalia

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>usually go to pre-releases with four or five friends
>everyone is at college
>only friend left doesn't want to go because he's tired of Magic

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>Green and Red Primordials
>That fucking Hellkite Tyrant
>Stolen Identity
>Giant Adephage
>Gruul Ragebeast
>Less expensive shocklands
My Maelstrom Wanderer deck is SO READY.

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That is honestly depressing. Depressing that you would even say that. Depressing in so many way.

Polite sage.

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