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Mom said don't break those expensive models.
Dad said what I'm building is pretty baller.
My dad always was the fun one with nerdy stuff.

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All in all I just consider T2 the perfect sequal against all sequels are measured

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What did you do with our Pariahs, Matt?

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Hey guys, just got a rough idea about using Necrons w/ GK allies in an upcoming league match and was wondering if you guys could help with this list, see what I can change to make it better, etc.


Necron Overlord w/ MSS, Warscythe and CCB - 195

Necron Warriors x 5 - 65
Necron Warriors x 5 - 65
Necron Warriors x 5 - 65

Canoptek Scarabs x 10 - 150

Annihilation Barge w/ Gauss Cannon - 90
Annihilation Barge w/ Gauss Cannon - 90
Annihilation Barge w/ Gauss Cannon - 90

GK allies

Coteaz - 100

GKSS x 10 w/ 2x Psycannons, Psybolts, Justicar w/NDH, Rhino - 280

Any help would be great to streamline the list, was looking at keeping it as MSU, scarabs are there to keep LRs in check or provide some kind of wall against first charges/overwatch, Gauss cannons to deal with MEQs and overlord to deal with TDAs

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Many players are retards though.

They think playing Necrons means you're basically cheating.

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People still lurking?

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>Whoever made the cities in the video is a pleb. Mine are much cleaner, nicer, and organized.

Canoptek Acanthrites flying overhead, the Brotherhood find themselves wandering.

Necrons do not eat, or drink, which leaves bars or cheap food out of the question. Everywhere the Brotherhood goes, ancient eyes stare, be it the mindless Warriors marching formation, or the lords and ladies of another age who watch from ground or barge. The Brotherhood do ultimately find an open building, of the same jet-black as the rest. Kim Il Sung barges in, to see a number of masterfully created ornamentations and armor.

"It is strange to see the Enfleshed here..." says a voice.
"Run!" yells Ragebeard.
"I have money." says Sung.
"I see..." says the old Overlord stepping into the dim green light, "then let old ArmaniHotep take care of you."

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Oh, hey Meph! How's things?

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>destroyer lord doesn't have a inv. save
That doesn't matter, since AP3 force weapons can't reliably get through his normal save.
>s8 instakill
Great for wraiths, not great for t5 destroyer lord in the front. A pair of psyfleman dreads just bounce shots off his 2+, maybe do a wound or two max.
No, it's at the beginning of the assault phase, before the fight subphase. And like I said, he's always in a challenge (has to be, or he'll wreck my unit and nobody can single him out as per 5e) and he keeps the lord in the front.

It's really frustrating. I feel like I've read both books twenty times and I can't find anything reliable.

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How do you feel that it took us 38000 years to work out the kinks in the gyrojet concept?

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So technically speaking the Necrontyr race is all dead and Necrons are all just robots that are programmed to think they are the Necrontyr.

I... I feel kinda sad now...

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Speaking as a Necron player, the new codex gives the Necrons a lot of gimmicks (Ranging from forcing night fight, to creation of Difficult/Dangerous Terrain, and creation of new scarabs...hell even with the Reanimation Protocols, the Necrons that come back don't even have to be coming back on the same spot, just coherency.)

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Only had that nurgle-ish picture. Sorry to disappoint.

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I don't think Rhapsody really convey the essence of Necrons. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan, but I just don't think of Necrons when I listen to them. More typical fantasy stuff (kill the dragon, etc).
Black Metal on the other hand, just seems like something Necrons would make. Especially this song. Try to tell me it doesn't make you think of a Necron slowly making its way towards you.


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Damage sustained during sleep: (d10)
1-5: None, returned fully to their once great glory
6: Obsession with either returning to the sensations and freedom of the flesh or embracing the ultimate strength of metal leads to a galaxy wide search for a perfect vessel and a way to escape their own.
7: Malfunction leaves them controlled or influenced by a particular C'Tan shard (Deceiver, Night Bringer, Dragon, or Outsider).
8: Insane godkillers and iconoclasts obsessed with completely destroying all gods (C'Tan shards, Ruinous Powers, the God-Emperor, Khaine, even Gork&Mork)
9: Have a bitter hatred of all life and set about eradicating it as completely as possible.
10: No memory of past at all. Struggle to come to terms with new identity.

Numbers of the Legion: (d10)
1-2: Great strength spread over a dozen tomb worlds and more may still be sleeping. One lord rules them all and is slowly awakening them as he remembers where they once lay.
3-4: One tomb world that was once a great and well known stronghold and trade center of the empire. Though they are few in numbers they possess some of the most elite and well-equipped forces of the ancient empire.
5-6: A handful of worlds have arisen but the great lord is nowhere to be found. His 5 courtiers rule in his stead each with differing ideas of what their master would want and whether or not the should even try to find where he has gone.
7-8: Two lords have arisen and share power over a small but growing sector. In ancient times they were siblings who quarreled over the same sector but have since set aside their differences.
9-10: A lord has awoken but his world is desolate and empty. He travels with only a small token force, entombed with him in the ancient valley of the forgotten king as servants and honor guard, in search of those worthy to join him. He collects Necrons from unclaimed tomb worlds and those who would turn against their own lords, but makes few friends by this practice.

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I'm not really up to speed on the recent changes to Necron fluff with the new release and all, but didn't they literally finish science? As in "we've discovered the absolute truth about the physical universe and have a perfect understanding of every thing not related to the Warp"?

Because spending eternity with an enormous horde of robot minions and other Necron Lord bros either going where ever the fuck you want or chilling in your giant secret base filled with the treasures of super-science seems pretty awesome to me.

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You know, I was (and still am) a huge fan of the old Necrons. The whole "we want to harvest the entire galaxy; we're evil beyond your comprehension," thing I really liked.

But this new fluff sounds good too. Necrons are still "evil," but now I can put quotation marks around it. Wanting to reforge your fallen empire isn't necessarily bad, but enslaving the galaxy as a source of fresh bodies certainly is (at least to anyone with a body). It really allows the players to make up their own story and motivations for their army now. And hell, you could have your army follow a shard of a c'tan if you wanted to.

So, as long as it isn't horribly implemented, thumbs up from me.

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The wizard got slaughtered. The archivist took heavy hits, but managed to stay in one piece. The wizard just got hammered with bone shards and acid splashes. Even after using a scroll of energy resistance, he just couldn't keep in one piece. he finally fell to yet another bone shard (which only deal 1 damage :-\ ) and came tumbling out of the sky onto the cold hard frozen ground. Died on impact, no chance of healing. The DM starts passing him secret notes.

A few rounds later, he gets up.

Now, it turns out, whatever's causing the undead to rise has a nasty streak. Most things that come back to life are mindless carnivores. Mook zombies and 'ceramic' skeletons (easily killed, that is :-p).
Powerful people? People who are more noteable than your average blacksmith or wild wolf? People with a large number of class levels? Yeah, they come back to life as something bigger. Something SENTIENT. And something downright sadistic.

The wizard spoke to us while it aided our enemies, and fought us. It said...awful things. The afterlife, the cause of the undeath, it's big. And bad. And more than some horrible plague or negative energy pulse... It's not some necromancer with a new trick. We don't know exactly what it is, but "Eil Ei" (aisle-eye), as it called itself, has us convinced that this is not a happy time to... uh...exist.

We managed to hurt it enough to scare it off. But it's got the wizards gear, it knows how to cast the wizards spells, it remembers everything about US, and it DOES NOT LIKE US.
Or anyone. Anyone still breathing that is.

So, to quote our paladin, "Wow, that sucks".

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