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Additionally, you can rule that both will strike at the same time if the collision is inevitable. It's a joust after all. Stop Hits (GURPS Martial Arts p.108), makes it so both roll their intended attack rolls as a Regular Contest, the attacks connect if you make your roll. The loser of the Contest (or both in a tie) parries at -3 with the attacking weapon or defends at -1. Unbalanced weapons can parry since it's all one motion. On ties both get the penalties.

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I'm about to play in a Greyhawk campaign, and remembered seeing the 5e DMG call it a sword & sorcery setting. Do you guys agree?

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I'm looking for an easy system that lets people play as a variety of monsters. Monstrous races in DnD is one thing, but I have people that want to play a dragon/golem/skeleton/etc. and I dont wanna make them a race. I thought about Rule of Cool's Legend system, but there's not a sheet on Roll20 for me to use. Any one got any suggestions?

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