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Rolled 9 (1d100)

>The Hospitaller would be seated in her office. A cup of Recaff in her hand, as she reads over various reports.

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Rolled 23 (1d100)

>Illya would already be working diligently to fix the man's wounds.

We haven't even left the ship yet, and I'm already dealing with casualties. God-Emperor preserve us...
>Rolling for medical treatment.

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>The adept would feel a pair of arms wrap tightly around his metal body. A sweet smell in the air.
>It would be the Hospitaller, wearing regular civilian clothing, and smelling of peaches.

I hope you haven't forgotten, that you have a check-up with me, in one week, Viktor. We can't let those bionics of your's start acting up.
>She would plant a playful kiss on the side of the man's exposed flesh cheek, before backing off a few feet. A warm smile on her face.

It'll be nice to finally get away from all the blood and violence. If only for a few days.

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>Standing nearby, would be a sister of battle Hospitaller. Dealing with the innumerable wounded, that were continually coming in.
>Her eyes would widen somewhat with surprise, as soon as she spotted the new sister. But she would soon flash her a warm hearted smile, before working on the legless trooper.

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>She would pretend to pout at his words. Her cheeks puffed up, and her lips pushed outwards.

You're so mean, Sergeant! All I am, is kind, and gentle with you nowadays.

>Her face would return to its usual smile at this point.

You could atleast TRY to pretend you enjoyed my company. It would be nice.

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Hospitaller Illya Mirabelle, reporting as ordered, Commissar! As always, if our boys have wounds, I'll make sure they feel better!

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>The marine would hear from behind him, a voice he likely never wanted to hear.

Oh, ho~! Did I hear someone talking about me, just now?


>The Sergeant would feel a soft, silky texture upon his back, as something heavy presses up against it.
*half a second later, a pair of slender arms would reach around him, and would begin to help rearrange the utensils to their proper spot.

That's not how that goes, dear~... It's more like this... Understand?

You could always ask me for help, you know?

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>The moment he leveled a gun to her. Was the moment her churigeons chainsaw would activated.

I'm doing my damn job in here! What in the Emperor's name are you doing!?

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>A young woman, outfitted with silver power armour, and bright red trim, would enter into the Hanger where the regiment was currently collected.
>Shoulder length blonde hair, fair toned skin, and cheerful smile are what can be seen underneath her red trimmed and bone white hood.

Hello, Commissar! ISorry I'm so late for the Inspection. I had just received three more injuries, regarding 'fallen pipes' to the head, when inspection was called.

I had to make sure I was "Satisfied" with helping the chuegeons deal with their "Loads".

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What are their combat doctrines, and how do they spend any leisure time they may have? How do they interact with normal humans?

They're traitor geneseed, aren't they?

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