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we've gone through my OW campaign with no satchel charges

only a vat of corrupted blood, a geothermal generator, l land train's worth of promethium, a clay pot and 5 cargo 8s

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So I just closed up shop after doing a midnight launch(ausfag) for the new Tau.

I have to say what a complete fuck up by the shipping company, 2 missing boxes of stock meant I had barely any stock to sell and to make people happy refunded the product I personally advance ordered so some ungrateful people who ignored my advice to advance order could get something.

So i sit here at 1:30 am after a 14 hour day without a Tau codex to read, and in 7 hours get to spend the day saying "no sorry we are sold out" to a horde of pissed off hobbyists.

TLDR; postal service loses 2 boxes of tau product just before midnight launch

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I like Tau. Their aesthetics and technology go a long way to make them stand out in the Grimmest of Dark millenniums. They also have the modern day thinking of "I will shoot them with a gun from all~ the way back here, because that's how guns are supposed to work."
That, and I'm a sucker for space alliances between different species. I totally bro-ship Tau and IG

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Actually canon.
They have little sexual dimorphism.

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So, I like the idea of space communists, but battlesuits are a bit on the weeaboo side for me.

Is it possible to run a decent Tau army without any suits?

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Tau are Greater Good Tier.

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That is a fuck load of infantry. Which can be good against hoard armies. Having a volume of fire at 30inches out and piercing guard, 'nids and (not 'ard) boyz is really valuable. (Hell str, 5 basic weapons is fairly choice)

But you really need some Broadsides to accompany the force. Crisis suits have to get up close and be suicidal to bring down tanks (with fusions) and even with BS4 Hammerheads aren't going to be reliable tank popping. Broadsides have the same gun (But no sub-munition) For less points and they twin-link them to reroll misses to the horror of Mechanized IG.

200 is a reasonably good price for that army, if they aren't painted like garbage I say do it. Then get some broadsides first thing.

The pathfinders require a dedicated Devilfish and don't count as a scoring unit so I wouldn't run them unless you invest in more fish.
Likewise the sniper suits aren't as valuable as they once were and unless you really need to shooting power I wouldn't run them very often either.

Being assaulted means losing. So try and minimize losses. Don't get mufti-assaulted.

Some suspect a new codex out this year. Maybe. Hopefully after the release of 6th Edition.

Enjoy your new Space Weaboo Communists with massive plot armor I always have.

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Hey look, a Tau thread.

Maybe they'll get a 5th edition codex just in time for 6th edition.

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The Emprah'... dies.

As the light of the Astronomicon fades all the enemies of the Imperium converge, they know now is their time.

The Tyranid threat feels the psychic might putter out of Terra, but the residue is there and the resistance is suddenly lower. They move forward.

The outer worlds of the Eastern Fringes rebel but are quickly put down by the ascendant Tau, who multiply their realm tenfold - or more!

The gods of Chaos feel their enemy surrendering, but vicotry is not forthcoming. There is only one solution: CHARGE! Towards Terra!

The Eldar know what this loss means but they realize: if the can capzise on this most important of deaths - even if it is only a mon-keigh - might give the final strength to summon the God of Death. The Dark Eldar know this as well and aims to fulfill the most horrible of raids. Both come to the same conclusion: Terra is where it's at.

The Ultimate death of a demi-god is the last straw on the back of the light slumber of the Necrons. They awake, and feel the Omnissiah calling to them. The journey towards Mars... and Terra.

The Orks sense this gathering of arms almost like an instinct and they follow, doing what they do best: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

And all the while, the whole Imperium weeps, but also musters. They realize that they are alone and every man woman and child amrs themselves - they did not beleive more could be mustered, but humanity is indomnitable. The set out on what they believe is their last great battle: The Last Pilgrimage.

But is all lost? Is the Emperor really dead? Or is there something more?

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how can you ignore the greater good?

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As an actual player of Tau, this shit pisses me off. Not everything HAS TO BE fap fodder, and the Tau are said to have little sexual dimorphism.

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What are you?

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This, its really a aesthetic preference. I prefer the clean technology look that the Tau possess, that digitized camo looks good on their units. Don't get me wrong, I dig muhreens, but the Tau brought something to the table that the other armies, well maybe the Eldar, didn't have. Course the Eldar have viable melee though.

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Those are some horribly mutilated human girls, bro.

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Uh huh.
Come back with something other than lies and propaganda.

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How, because they fucked up with a foot?
Tau are ugly, deal with it.

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>giving a female Tau flowing blonde hair and freckles
This shit right here is the problem.
You want two Tau of both sexes for comparison? Here.

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