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This is how I 40k.

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Reasons you stopped playing 40k.

(For me)
1. Space Wolves JotWW. It exists, first mistake. They can take four in a list, last mistake.

2. Updates are geared to get oldfags to buy more of the +47% raised price stuff years later. (soon to be 62% if rumors are true)

3. My favorite armies are given downgrades while jealous marine players get their rules but better, while my favorite armies similar rules were removed. Insult to injury, the fanbase with full bias acts like my armies deserved it.

4. I had two armies split into different codecii(plural?) that are inefficient and underpowered and I refuse to wait 4 years for an update of either of them.

5. Arguments over obscure rules have gotten into political levels where they discuss history of why this rule is here and why it overrides a rule it shouldn't. (Exhausting game within a game if you enjoy politics)

6. I could easily have as much fun with 30 models instead of 130, but 40k at the small level can be games like 6 blood angel predators at 60-ish points a pop steamrolling me.

7. You are either a power player or you're a casual, there is no middle ground and you get singled out if you point that fact out to them.

8. It is a sin against loyalty and honor if you prefer something in your own freedom of choice in abundance. (I liked tanks)

9. Game balance is nonexistent. This cannot be argued with. Just because two armies can play against each other doesn't mean they are fair, and eventually you will tailor your list and be singled out for doing so. (I'm looking at you marine players that make up 79% of all GW 40k sales)

Not an anti GW thread, just... Why did you quit?

The reasons stacked in my favor, at least I can sell my models for more on Ebay because of the raised prices. My model-addiction has been cured by hatred.

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Getting food, I'll be back to continue dumping.

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Humans excrete ship fuel if you know how to harness it.

It's not far fetched to believe a primordial ooze (what all life started on earth as) in their version could be an ultimate catalyst energy source. Something small to power something huge has to be some sort of chain reaction process.

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>this counts, though 40k

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